Mercedes-Benz ML 500: Apocalypse Ready Tank Tracks & Gun

Faux Guns Adorn Roof and Hood of SUV

Shopping for cars on eBay is very unpredictable – it’s almost like you’re going into a box of chocolates and don’t know what treat awaits you. Such is the case with this Mercedes-Benz ML 500. With over one-hundred thousand miles, this special SUV seems to be designed for post-apocalyptic scenarios, likely echoing Hollywood’s Mad Max franchise. It can be found listed on eBay right now for $27,500.

Take a glance. This vehicle is ready for whatever, even a zombie calamity, due to features like the imitation roof-placed 50 caliber gun and the hood-mounted mini-gun as well as the Mattrack tank tracks. The airbrushed body has bestowed the former GLE-Class model with an attractive gritty appearance which is enhanced by its yellow and black sheet metal, flank guards, and front grille.

Intriguingly, the doorknobs boast decorative knife cut-outs while the tail lamps display a dramatic skull sticker. The bulky wheel arches seem random, yet this shape could be part of the construction’s motif.

Heading into the cabin of the vehicle, one will find that not many tweaks have been made, with the exception of the knuckleduster inspired gear shifter. This is advantageous in an apocalypse-like situation since SUVs offer much more capacity than smaller vehicles, even with their tank tracks. Those lucky enough to be driving around in a Mercedes ML 500 can look forward to a lavish leather interior in black, allowing them to escape any zombie chaos.

The item being sold features enhanced all-terrain proficiency due to its tank treads. This wheel system can give the transport a smooth ride on slushy and snowy grounds.

This construction would have been superlative had it been a G-Class, or maybe even the forthcoming electric G-Wagen, which Mercedes denoted as its most off-road apt portrayal yet.

Nevertheless, the ML 500 doesn’t lack vigor, generating about 300 horsepower from the 5.0-liter V8 under its hood. No optimizations for performance have been brought up in the ad, however, it does offer a side exit chrome exhaust system that directly replaces the factory one.

Whilst we approve of the construct, there is one difficulty. The automobile is situated near Birmingham in the United Kingdom, so take appropriate care if thinking of purchasing it.

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