GMC & EarthCruiser’s Hummer EV Overland Concept

Outfitting Electric Pickup for Explorers – EarthCruiser

General Motors declared a cooperation with overland authority EarthCruiser which will bring forth the concept of a GMC Hummer EV pickup truck and a subsequent string of adornments for the emission-free vehicle.

Established in 2009, Australia-based EarthCruiser specializes in creating all-terrain vehicles that range from the opulent Unimog builds to the more practical slide-in campers for pickups.

The two businesses are collaborating to design first-class, no-compromise journey vehicles that will maximize EarthCruiser’s proficiency in creating novel and inventive self-containing domiciles. As remarked in the released statement, however, there are still no precise details yet from either of the brands.

From the teaser image presented with the announcement, it appears likely that the Hummer EV Pickup will provide roof-mounted solar panels as well as a box for storage placed on its side. However, there is no definite confirmation about this yet.

The highly anticipated GMC Hummer EV pickup overlander concept is slated to reveal itself around late summer 2023, so keep your eyes on Motor1 and for additional information.

GM’s freshly unveiled super truck went into production late in 2021 and has been a resounding success story so far; featuring unmatched qualities such as four-wheel steering, adjustable air shocks, plus an attainable 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque within the top-tier Edition 1 variant – which has already sold out!

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Source: GMC

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