Millions Paid for Super Rare Porsche RSR 3.8

6 Mile-Old Road-Going Porsche RSR: A Rarity

A remarkable Porsche 911 RSR 3.8 Strassenversion, one of only two road-utilised models ever constructed, was procured for over $2.1 million at the Bonhams ‘On The Grid’ Abu Dhabi auction. The final sale amount, an extraordinary $2,127,500, appears to be an outrageous cost for an antique 911, yet, as we have previously suggested, this is anything but a standard 964.

Created by Porsche Motorsport, just shy of fifty units were constructed, with a major number designed mainly for racing purposes. However, two distinct variants were categorized as Strassenversion models, meaning they were legally permissible to be driven on the road. As a result of this limited production, they are highly sought among collectors, eventually realizing astronomical prices whenever they become available for sale.

The Porsche RSR was fitted with a 3.8-liter Le Mans “twin ignition” engine, and the company stated it had around 320 horsepower. However, performance testing quickly revealed that this was an understatement, with some estimates putting the power figures at around 375 hp.

This certain exemplar was bought brand-new by a special Porsche patron. It is rumoured that the first owner’s demands were so out of the ordinary that Porsche took many years in order to provide the vehicle. Despite the fact that the 964 ended its production cycle in 1993, this RSR was handed over on May 25th, 1996, from Porsche Cars Great Britain.

After just 6.2 miles, this one-of-a-kind car has vanished into a private collection forever, making it rather heartbreaking. Acquired by the current proprietor in 2017, it has been untouched and operational in that time. To get the Porsche back up and running, its new owner would likely have to make some considerable remodeling efforts.

Completed in lucent Polar Silver Metallic, the privileged possessor expected Porsche to provision his competition-ready RSR with enough creature comforts. This comprised of a Guards Red leather lining, with the skin spreading onto the ceiling covering, underneath the dashboard, around the directing column and even into the roll cage.

With its unique features, the 911 RSR stands out among other cars. Boasting an impressive 120-liter gas tank and a passenger seat, as well as Silverline center-locking wheels in a stunning Amethyst hue, it further distinguishes itself from competitors with a locking differential. Though the aesthetic of the car may be unkempt, given the factory-fitted protective coatings, a thorough cleaning should bring it back to life.

We are earnestly wishing that this 911 RSR is granted the life for which it was designed. Unfortunately, due to its incredibly low mileage and scarcity in existence, we do not believe it will ever visit a roadway, probably being stored in some form of garage exclusively. Interestingly, this particular vehicle sold for just $2.25 million back in 2017, leaving the prior proprietor without even a single cent of profit.

In any case, the up-to-date store cost is still remarkably immense. On the off chance that you’re keen on the other model, it has 41 miles on the speedometer and is offered as a component of The White Collection, with a conjectured sale cost of $2.5 million.

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