Mini Countryman Uncharted Edition: Last of Its Kind

Automaker Not Proud of Their Product

The up-and-coming brand Mini is coming close to the end of the lifespan for its present hatchbacks and SUVs. Recently the automaker unveiled a special edition variant of the Countryman, implying this could be the last option available for this offbeat crossover before the upcoming generation appears.

Mini has labelled this one the Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Uncharted Edition, an unfortunately lengthy title for something they don’t seem to particularly celebrate. With a collection of over 80 official images being made available, the business’s PR department could only manage a brief commentary surrounding its new special edition car. Honestly, that paragraph didn’t impart plentiful information.

From what is evidenced, the Countryman obtains distinctive visual modernizations, along with a two-colored paint on the outside. The lower part of the body is painted white, and the higher area is swathed in either green or grey, whilst the uppermost portion of the car is rendered white; an orange stripe spans from the car’s frontal bumper right about to the rear bumper.

The outside of this car has been upgraded with black headlight frames and door pulls, coordinated by the brand-new ebony wheels that appear to feature stickier tires. Symbols of Uncharted finish off the modifications to the car’s exterior. Moving inside, everything has been toned down, showcasing black leather seats, shimmering black details, and orange Uncharted decals on both the steering wheel and entryway sills.

Mini has not mentioned anything about hardware upgrades but adheres to the same specifications under the hood. The special edition Countryman is equipped with a 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder engine generating an impressive 176 horsepower (131 kW). An eight-speed automatic transmission is responsible for sending power to all four wheels.

At this stage, we can’t vouch whether the exclusive model will be obtainable in North America; however, there are still no specific details regarding the pricing or availability either.

Source: Mini

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