Mini Racer: 12K RPM Thrill on a Budget

Mini Fun – Big Joy!

Popular YouTuber Adam LZ learnt that you don’t need an expensive car for all the fun, after picking up what is apparently the most inexpensive racecar globally – for a mere $4,000. He obtained a Legends racecar, costing way less than its retail value ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 when new.

This particular mini racer contains an engine that produces around 130 horsepower and weighs about 1,300 pounds. The exterior of the miniature racer looks like that of a 1940s Ford Coupe, although the lighting elements have been excluded.

Constructed with a feather-light frame and responsive engine, Legends Cars are akin to entry-level sports motors like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GR86. These miniature racers may be designed for oval dirt track events, yet they have much lower suspension than rally cars and their behavior is much less extreme than that of V8-powered NASCARs.

I Bought the World's Cheapest Racecar - It's RIDICULOUS!

Adam procured the car from its original proprietor, who employed it for drifing on their ranch. The racing car was reasonably priced as it had a variety of ailments – including a defective frame and split tie rods – that had to be addressed urgently. In addition, it needed fundamental upkeep.

The oil temperature sensor is a paramount part requiring urgent concern. Legendary racecar engines are typically air-cooled, particularly in earmark designs. Only the oil can preserve the motor’s coolness and a mindful eye must be kept on it to prevent it from overheating and malfunctioning.

Adam has not specified the exact type of Legends race motorcar he possesses, however he did mention it is driven by a 1200cc Yamaha engine capable of revving up to 12,000 RPM. It could almost be likened to a scaled-down Mazda RX-7 drifter car with an old Ford shell atop it.

Upon rectifying his vehicle, Adam took it for a spin with the Legends racer, demonstrating impressive abilities but rather challenging since the car included a high front-end grip as well as an absent steering reset. Subsequently, he listened to the counsel of attempting drifts with the smaller vehicle which although successful, was problematic determined by the rigs setup.

Adam observed that it was a rather shocking experience due to the motor’s clamor, giving him an altogether new impression as compared to his other drift cars. The Legends car held up amazingly well in various drifts and donuts without a hitch, proving itself to be dependable, entertaining, and cost-effective small racer.

Please excuse us as we search Craigslist for something that is suitable for us.

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