Tree Blocks GR Supra DCT Swap for YouTuber

Adam LZ Crashes Toyota Supra A90 While Drifting

Speed can be a thrilling experience. Nonetheless, speediness can be lethal, particularly regarding an auto sports vehicle. Professional racer and automotive YouTuber Adam LZ comprehends this intimately. Adam is aware that being a professional racer doesn’t give him immunity from collisions, primarily when his automobile racing involves considerable drifting.

He recently suffered a horrendous misfortune when his Toyota A90 Supra with a Dual Clutch Transmission veered into a tree. It was an agonising sight for him.

Adam LZ (Adam Lizotte-Ziesler) has a clear passion for automobiles and the art of driving. This enthusiasm has been instrumental in allowing him to become an accomplished expert in Formula Drift. For quite some time now, he has regularly posted videos of his drift cars and skills on YouTube. When he’s not busy engaging in one of these tournaments, you can find him tinkering with his vehicles at home. Furthermore, Adam has branched out into entrepreneurship, along with being both a content creator on YouTube and an experienced drift competitor.

Adam has a noteworthy selection of cars, featuring BMWs, Nissans, Porsches, and Toyotas, owing to his unconquerable infatuation with cars. He holds a distinct liking for the Supra, in particular the MKIV and MKV models. The white A90 Supra MKV that Adam was involved in a crash with was his most current purchase, even though it was not exactly a fresh model when he got it.

Adam acquired the A90 Supra awhile ago in a poor state; his purpose was to convert it into an everyday drifter. However, this white Toyota faced a large roadblock: it had an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Although this particular transmission isn’t the most advisable for drifting, Adam made every effort to preserve the gearbox. He transformed the initial transmission so as to add a clutch pedal, thereby affording drivers the capacity to execute drifting skills, like clutch kick.

Unfortunately, his 8-speed AT eventually broke down, leaving Adam in need of a transmission that would align with his plans. After much deliberation, he decided to change to a BMW 7-speeD Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). Last month, Adam finally finished the transformation of his A90 Supra from an Automatic Transmission (AT) to a DCT unit.

Crashed My DCT Supra Into a Tree

On a sunny day, Adam and his crew elected to make merry with his cars. They took out some of the vehicles from his workshop and began to do skids on his miniature circuit. When it was the Supra’s go, the Japanese racing car lost its footing while taking a bend. It overturned and fishtailed backward into a tree. He blamed the mire that had become piled up around the angle.

Fortunately, the accident wasn’t too serious and Adam emerged unscathed. His DCT-tweaked Toyota Supra MKV was generally in good condition, with only minor scratches and a broken side mirror. Luckily, the Japanese sports car only suffered minor damage, something that can be taken care of quickly with a quick repaint or touch up. Sadly, however, Adam will have to put his plans for the Supra on hold at least for the moment.

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