Mazda Miata Becomes Real Hot Wheels

Chimera Victorious at Hot Wheels Legends Tour

After an extensive worldwide quest, the 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour has ultimately settled on a car deserving of being preserved forever as a 1:64 scale model. On November 11, a virtual Grand Finale crowned the winner, a 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA), besting various remarkable opponents.

The vehicle dubbed Chimera by its proprietor and architect, Chris Watson of New Zealand, was impelled by the Kaido Racer culture and Cyberpunk allure. Forged in a Northern New Zealand shed, it possesses a range of amendments that make it an idyllic candidate for a Hot Wheels plaything.

At first sight, the MX-5 Miata donned a retrofitted front-end inspired by a RX-7. Additionally, it displayed several interesting details including a personalized rear light bar, 15-inch Turbofan rims, and broadened wheel arches. Watson had further enhanced its look with a bespoke carbon fiber shark fin spoiler, rendering it truly exceptional.

The move from a foldable soft top to a permanent feature is over, with a louvered style fastback integrated, running into a wide, flat spoiler adorning the back. The brake lights have been replaced by a full-width LED strip, while the rear fascia panel has been done away with and bodywork underneath unveiled in its place. To top it all off, the entire vehicle has been given an airbrushed makeover, creating a battle-worn facade. The front bumper stands out thanks to its resplendent green finish.

Watson accoutered the abode with a cyberdeck, personalized LED illumination, plus an acrylic joggle board along with a fogged end. Although it is not a presentation room standard, Chimera still renowned and astounded the Legends Tour inspectors with Watson’s pioneering resourcefulness.

Ted Wu, Vice President and Global Head of Design for Vehicles at Mattel, declared that the 2023 tour had some amazing cars. “Chris’ adventure from rural New Zealand to earning a place in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends is really motivating and embodies what this tour is all about. Chimera is a great addition to the Garage of Legends, and we are looking forward to constructing the die-cast version.”

In the upcoming weeks, the Cyberpunk MX-5 Miata is expected to become a sought-after collectible die-cast car that we can all purchase. This constitutes a huge accolade for any proprietor of a modified car. In the years ahead it is foreseeable that the Chimera model will become renowned, with people ranging from children to car fanatics rushing to possess a piece for their collection.

Last year, yet another model from the Mazda family achieved first prize. A Autozam Scrum – fondly referred to as Tiny Toot – triumphed in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. The miniature Kei auto, customised with a Chevrolet 454 V8 and 30-inch rims, encapsulates the contest: outlandish, eccentric, and creative.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels, the ‘Legends Tour’ was unveiled. This initiative was established by the iconic toy car line’s founder Elliot Handler in 1967 to compete with Matchbox. Reworded and edited, The Hot Wheels Legends Tour was introduced to honour the fifty-year milestone since the popular toy car series first appeared in 1967 under the vision of Elliot Handler who aimed to rival the fame of Matchbox.

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