Models HP Tuners Jailbreak Corvette & Blackwing Models

Increase Performance Quickly with No Aftermarket System

HP Tuners recently declared a groundbreaking step for the C8 Corvette Stingray and Cadillac’s CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing models: Diagnostic and tuning services can now be accessed through the car’s own OBDII port. So, what are the implications of this discovery?

In the present era, where cybersecurity is a constantly swelling concern, General Motors has designed their Global B Engine Control Module (ECM) in order to give protection against any possible attack, yet that also denotes that finely-tuning the OEM module is totally impractical. This ECM is so protecting that even Hennessey made a comment claiming that they might demand assistance from GM in order to modify the C8 Corvette.

Thanks to HP Tuners, a new horizon is dawning. This novel innovation offers an unprecedented range of prospects in the near future. Allowing unparalleled freedoms, it promises to revolutionize the way we think about and approach the future possibilities.

The E99 Electronic Control Module found in the 2020 to 2023 Corvette Stingray is akin to one utilized in both the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and its twin, the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, thus enabling users to observe and modify support, camshaft orientation, air/fuel ratio, injector timing, and other facets.

“Our company has put in two years of work to come up with various techniques to deceive electronic sensors, in order to make the ECM command more boost and power,” declared Scott Cook, lead tuner at Tapout Tuning, a Cadillac V-Series specialist. “But when we got our hands on the E99 Global B ECM through HP Tuners’ service, we made more tuning progress in five hours than we had in the two years that preceded it.”

Familiar with the complexities of optimizing a C8, Emelia Hartford is heralded for her twin-turbo Stingray, which was the world’s speediest. Unfortunately, this car ran a piggyback control system, and when she modeled the globe’s initial twin-turbocharged Z06,the engine management computer was never tuned. Because the original device was hard to maneuver, Hartford swiftly returned it to its default configuration. Currently, HP Tuners has found a means to open up more potential, leading us to expect numerous other supercharged and turbocharged C8 Stingrays soon. As the Z06 also operates on Global B architecture, chances are this process will also become available in time.

While currently the T93 TCM (transmission control module) for vehicles with a 10-speed installation of E99 remains only in a limited capacity, HP Tuners suggests it is likely to provide alteration trappings for Global B controllers, such as E66 ECMs, E90, and E01 etc. at some stage down the line.

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