Model Toyota Phasing Out Camry V6/TRD 2022

2025 Toyota Camry: All Hybrid, Inline-4 + 2 Electric Motors

The all-new 2025 Toyota Camry made a stunning debut, featuring some noteworthy modifications to its powertrain. Not only is it now the exclusive four-cylinder hybrid of its type, but its previous 3.5-liter V6 has been removed from its lineup as well. Another loss for the Camry fans is its sporty TRD model.

For decades, Toyota has featured a V6 engine as an option within the Camry. In 1988, the third-generation model ushered in this six-cylinder offering to the US automotive market. This 2.5-liter motor generated around 153 horsepower – much higher compared to the 114 hp of the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine at the time. Following its introduction, the V6 has become a permanent fixture of the Camry range.

By 2025, things have altered significantly. The 2.5-liter hybrid-powered four-cylinder engine now produces a capacity of either 225 horsepower when pushing the front wheels or 232 with all-wheel drive – a considerable decrease from the 301 horses that the previous version’s V6 yielded.

When Motor1 contacted Toyota about the lack of a V6 engine, a spokesperson informed us that the press release included “all model year 2025 grades and powertrains.” This did not completely rule out the possibility of the V6 being reintroduced in the future, like 2026, but another Toyota representative stated “the V6 is done,” which appears to be more conclusive.

The instance is comparable when it comes to the performance-oriented TRD level. This version was notably missing from the unveiling of the 2025 lines. The Camry TRD variation offered more of a cosmetic and driving-experience pack compared with an actual performance model, presenting firmer suspension as well as a sporty visual appeal without any drivetrain updates.

The Camry XSE also features a deeper front fascia and an aggressive rear bumper for that extra meanness.If you’re after more attitude from your 2025 Camry, the XSE is the pick of the trim levels. It comes equipped with two-tone painting and 19-inch wheels as standard fittings. Clients can opt for a combination of Midnight Black Metallic on the roof and Ocean Gem, Wind Chill Pearl, Heavy Metal, or Supersonic Red for the body. To add to the aggressiveness, the Camry XSE has a bolder front fascia and a more menacing rear bumper.

When the V6 is no more, an alternative from Toyota’s roster may fill the void. Should a more powerful Camry be required in the future, we envision the Hybrid Max powertrain from the Crown night emerge. By combining a 2.4L turbocharged four-cylinder with a rear axle electric motor, it could achieve a powerful 340 hp. If that ends up being the case, the lack of the V6 might be forgotten.

Source: Toyota

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