Toyota Camry: 2024 NASCAR Wild Ride

Aerodynamic Prius-Inspired Front End

After the showing of the 2025 Toyota Camry manufacturing model, Toyota has now disclosed the XSE Competition Automobile for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series Competition. Replacing the 2021-era Camry TRD Next Gen which bagged 18 triumphs and 25 poles since it’s appearance, will be the XSE rivalry auto.

Toyota Racing Development and Calty Design collaborated in order to ensure that the NASCAR Camry, when revealed in Los Angeles, appeared as much like the newly redesigned version as possible. This design incorporates a special hammerhead shape at the front, consisting of an upper grille which smoothly combines with the modernly slim and wide headlights similar to those of the current Toyota Prius. Additionally, the lower grille was given new C-shaped corner vents, the hood obtained novel character lines, and fresh hood duct exits were put into effect. Last but not least, the back was made more sculpted and slender with the help of slimmer taillights.

“The 2024 Camry XSE race car will surely demonstrate Toyota’s commitment to detail, as seen in the new road-going Camry. We are thrilled to have this car on the track and anticipate its success in the years ahead,” said Paul Doleshal, Group Manager of Motorsports at Toyota Motor North America (TMNA). “The amount of effort put into producing this vehicle is immense, and we are grateful to everyone at TRD and Calty Design for their hard work in making a top-notch car for our team partners to race and win with.”

Toyota has not gone into any specifics pertaining to the engine of their Next Gen models, though they do all feature a 358 cubic inch (5.86-liter) V8 that is connected to a five-speed sequential manual transmission. This powertrain is capable of producing 670 horsepower in its unrestricted form.

“At the heart of Toyota’s involvement in NASCAR lies our pledge to strive for ceaseless progress both on and off the track. The Camry XSE race car embodies this ethos, and accurately mirrors the key design elements of the new Toyota Camry,” said David Wilson, president of TRD. “As we look ahead to 2024, we are looking forward to collaborating closely with our racing team partners to maximize the performance of the newly-crafted Camry race car, so we can keep up our tradition of taking the lead, clinching victories and competing for titles with the iconic Camry nameplate.”

Toyota is amping up its motorsport presence, with the Camry XSE set to join the GR Supra in the NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) and the robust Tundra TRD Pro in the hotly contested NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series. Every weekend, eight Camrys will take to the track starting with the Clash at the Coliseum exhibition event in LA in February.

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