Modified Toyota Prius Coupe with Acura Integra and Lexus IS Influences

Unusual Styling Changes Leave Us Perplexed on Old Car

A fresh batch of students recently displayed their talents at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, impressing audiences with a unique take on the newest Toyota Prius. Against popular demand, these innovative individuals crafted a sleek two-door coupe rendition of the latest model hybrid from Toyota.

Similar to the Hummer replica also showcased at the Event, this modified vehicle was designed and crafted by a group of scholars, this occasion hailing from Gunma Automobile College (GAUS). Utilizing a Honda Integra (known as Acura in the United States) as their foundation, the team was able to construct a one-of-a-kind ride. Despite not being identical in appearance, the two vehicles surprisingly complement each other quite well.

The fourth generation of the Integra had to undergo significant changes in order to incorporate authentic parts from the Prius. Namely, it was equipped with a set of LED headlights from the Prius and its front end was altered to resemble the sleek design of the Toyota hybrid’s front fascia.

The makers did not simply replicate the front of the Prius, as they also equipped the vehicle with a broad fender package, two unique side panels, an incorporated lip for the trunk, taillights taken from a Lexus IS350, and a specially designed rear bumper.

Additional alterations have been made to the vehicle, such as the incorporation of Recaro seats, Brembo brakes, a Rosso Modello exhaust system, a Momo steering wheel, a Diecock sound system, and a centrally located touchscreen utilizing an iPad.

In terms of mechanics, the group of students working on the project decided to maintain the K20A inline-4 engine in its original state, with the exception of an altered ECU. This allowed for a maximum output of 216 horsepower in the modified Integra. Additionally, they installed an air suspension system from Ploom and equipped it with 18-inch Work Meister wheels, perfectly filling the handcrafted wheel arches integrated into the body design.

Alterations of this nature are not unfamiliar, although this marks the initial instance of a car being transformed into the renowned Prius – majority of conversions strive for evoking images of something lavish, such as a Ferrari. Nevertheless, the most recent incarnation of the Prius is undeniably visually pleasing, and its distinct design is surely worth commending.

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