More POWAAAA: BMW M4 Facelift

Refreshed Coupe to Produce in 2024

BMW is currently putting the finishing touches on a revamp of their entire 4 Series lineup, comprising also of the M4 Coupe. Although there are few outwardly visible alterations, experiments with the vehicle have been observed in both public areas and the Nurburgring. Nonetheless, it seems as if there will likely be a consequential upgrade to the underlying engine specs.

Leaks from three internal BMW documents revealed this week on the Bimmer Post forums suggest an increase of 20 horsepower for the S58 inline-six engine used in the M4 Competition AWD trim. Contrary to that, it appears that the rear wheel drive Competition trim will maintain its 503 horsepower capacity instead of getting a boost.

Leaked data exposed a power output of 390 kW for the AWD 3.0-liter twin-turbo M4 model. This is equivalent to 523 horsepower, and documents indicate that this version will be soldout in both Europe and the United States. Most likely, the base M4 will retain the existing 473-hp peak that are currently accessible at BMW showrooms.

The recently leaked documents point towards a very important production matter. We foresee the manufacture of the all-new M4 family to commence in March 2024 for areas like North America and Europe. We are anticipating the restyled rendition of the model will launch someday within the primary three months of 2024, with it being available as a 2025 model in America. Remember, the M4 has already been entered into the 2024 version year over in our district.

We are eager to know whether the mechanically similar M3 Competition xDrive will undergo a power raise when it gets its mid-cycle renovation. News on March 2023 has indicated that could be the situation, and furthermore, BMW is apparently busy working on the rejuvenation of the M3 Touring, which is offered solely with Competition spec and AWD.

Source: Bimmer Post

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