Motors Lucid Motors Powers Aston Martin EVs

Lucid: Powering Hypercar, Supercar, GT, and SUV Components

Aston Martin has revealed its intentions to roll out a bevy of all-new electric vehicles that will be built on a single modular platform. This platform will include “select powertrain components” from Lucid Group “for initial and future BEV models.” Although the supply agreement has yet to be finalized, if it is, Lucid will be supplying Aston Martin with EV technologies and battery systems. Meanwhile, Aston Martin will be creating the platform internally, so that it can be used for everything from ultra-exclusive hypercars to mass-market SUVs.

As a component of the transaction, Lucid is to be vested as a shareholder with 3.7%, in a venture worth approximately one-hundred million capital stock and two-hundred and thirty-two million in the aggregate. Lawrence Stroll’s Yew Tree Consortium stays the premier proprietor with 21.1%, whilst Geely International takes up 17.6% and Mercedes-Benz has around 9.4%.

Aston Martin revealed that their cooperation with Mercedes-Benz will persist, the well-known German automaker remaining to provide drive systems and electric infrastructures for present and impending models, involving those propelled only by ignition, electrified cars, and all-electric automobiles.

“The proposed deal with Lucid is an essential part of our electrification plan, granting Aston Martin access to the top-of-the-line powertrain and battery systems,” remarked Roberto Fedeli, Chief Technology Officer at Aston Martin. “When combined with our internal development, we will be able to assemble a single, custom-made BEV platform that can be used for all future Aston Martin models, from hypercars to sports cars to SUVs.”

Aston Martin are continuing to refine their in-house powertrain technology, turning to Aston Martin Performance Technologies for help. This technology has aided them in expediting the advancement of EV technologies and improved accuracy to torque control for individual wheels. They have proceeded with a similar attitude toward road car development as with Formula 1; working rigorously to achieve the utmost performance measures possible.

Aston proclaimed that active aero and drag reduction are set to become major components in future electric vehicles, while also benefitting from input by technical associates. For instance, Brembo is pursuing the development of an advanced brake-by-wire mechanism which oversees the compression and retraction of the car’s brake pads electronically, consequently augmenting driving range and boosting brake execution while simultaneously leading to lessened pad deterioration plus fewer particulate emissions.

Aston Martin is presenting a groundbreaking new concept: the Pirelli P Zero R combined with Pirelli Cyber Tyre technology. The tyre comes with a selection of sensors, capable of assessing the weight flow on every wheel to evaluate a precise approximation of the true range.

All of these mandates are an integral part of Aston Martin’s Racing.Green plan, with the distant vision of having each car in their lineup be electrified by 2030. Prior to that momentous occasion, they are due to produce their initial plug-in hybrid supercar in 2024: the Valhalla. In two years’ time, every new Aston Martin car range will contain at least one electrically powered engine option.

We are pleased to observe that Aston Martin is broadening its technical associations, and selecting Lucid appears a sound decision. This start-up has suffered from the usual issues typical of the electric vehicle industry, yet also possesses considerable superior technology, in certain aspects even outdoing industry titans such as Tesla.

The astonishing 1,200+ horsepower tri-motor setup incorporated in the Lucid Air Sapphire is a salient example, as well as its drive units utilized for Formula E. By virtue of their recently forge alliance with Geely, Aston Martin is armed with a broad range of components and advanced technologies from EV greats.

We anticipate to get further specifics regarding Aston’s new vehicles tomorrow post its capital market day gathering.

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