MSO Unveils Limited McLaren GTs

Remixing McLaren: F1, P1 & Speedtail.

McLaren is providing a highly restricted special synonymous with their McLaren GT motorcar due to the customization from their specialized McLaren Special Operations (MSO) segment. Exclusively for purchasers in the UK, four colors are available within the special offers, including an all original shade that is particularly made for the McLaren GT. Every edition will be limited to just two models, making them very rare and likely expensive.

“The McLaren GT is an iconic vehicle, and GT by MSO celebrates its status as the quintessential McLaren for the UK,” said Nick Crossley, UK Market Director. “The combination of lightweight carbon fiber construction and supercar performance with its versatile grand touring capability is now being honored in a unique manner, exclusively for the British market.”

The four shades – Cerulean Blue, XP Green, Sarigan Quartz, and Cyber Yellow – embody the illustrious history of McLaren’s past and bask in anticipation for the prospects ahead as the company commemorates its 60th anniversary.

Initially created for the McLaren P1, Cerulean Blue is a specialized MSO paint with an intense azure metallic streak along with iridescent tinges. It has become quite liked by MSO buyers and would be featured in the GT first time round.

XP Green pays tribute to the McLaren F1. An exquisite and dark green metallic hue, this shade was designed to evoke the tone featured on the classic F1 XP GT ‘Longtail’ concept that eventually became the victorious Le Mans-winning F1 GTR.

The upcoming hue honors a recent journey but gives honor to an amazing machine. Sarigan Quartz is derived from the tone of the XP2 Speedtail, which pulled off an incredible feat more than three decades ago at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, reaching over 250 mph not just once but multiple times – showcasing the cutting edge capabilities of the Speedtail.

The culminating shade is thus something absolutely novel, created by McLaren Special Operations only for this venture. “Cyber Yellow” is a development of the label’s iconic Volcano Yellow paint along with a modified iridescent coating. It is said to give off silver and white hues in particular glows and is sure to be a real eye-catcher on a beaming summer morning.

No matter which color you pick, it’ll come with its own unique attributes making your buy worth the distinction. The inside is characterized with a diamond pattern quilting in a hue that corresponds to the body-shade plus the MSO logo on the headrest. Especially made for UK enthusiasts, the armrest and keyfob bear an elegant Union Jack pattern.

The external façade of all the models will include the MSO Black Pack as a customary feature, imparting a gleaming black veneer to the side-view mirrors covers, window sills, exhausts tips, plus 10 twin spoke, machined alloy wheels and roof. Additionally, brakes calipers that match the shade of the body will complete the polished visage.

The McClaren GT is an incredibly livable super car; something you can use consistently and never tire of. By introdcing these limited-edition iterations, the firm has added sufficient flair without compromising the car’s triumphant concept and we have to honor Woking for that. The cost hasn’t been supllied yet, but we suspect that the rarity will ratchet the price tag of $200,000 significantly.

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