Nissan Marks 90 Years With JDM Specials

McLaren Phasing Out US Car Inventory

To celebrate its nonagenarian milestone, Nissan has released five special editions in Japan, while McLaren has adopted a build-to-order approach in the US and Canada. Style enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice in the fact that Nissan is honoring its 90th birthday in grand fashion, and car lovers on either side of the ocean can be pleased that McLaren has shifted to a customizable system for the North American market.

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Nissan is commemorating its 90th anniversary in a big way, with the introduction of five special editions vehicles. These limited-run cars reflect Nissan’s long history of producing exceptional offerings and their commitment to designing quality vehicles for all generations. To celebrate this important milestone, Nissan has created five special edition vehicles—each with a unique design and features exclusive to that model. From high-performance sports cars to SUVs with luxurious comforts, these five automobiles embody Nissan’s nine decades of expertise and innovation.To honor their achievement, Nissan has manufactured five exclusive vehicles, each evoking its titular year with unique styling and features. These special editions display the company’s extensive automotive experience and continued commitment to providing the highest quality rides for drivers everywhere.To commemorate their accomplishments, Nissan has crafted five remarkable automobiles – each displaying a distinct style, along with specific features related to the car’s designated year. These limited-edition vehicles exemplify the brand’s 90 years of dedication to engineering excellent convoying solutions for all motorists.

Nissan is just days away from its 90th anniversary, which it will celebrate on December 26, 1933. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the automaker has launched its “90th Anniversary” collection in Japan, featuring five models: the Sakura electric kei car, Leaf electric hatchback, Note and Note Aura hybrid hatches, and the Serena minivan. Unfortunately, the more exciting Z and GT-R models are not included in the collection.

Nissan has outdone themselves this time with their 90th Anniversary Edition. Featuring a combination of copper and black body accents, dark wheels, and copper detailing inside the cabin, this commemorative model is sure to turn heads. For those wanting to take their customization to the next level, Nissan is offering hood decals as a dealer-installed option. To complete the look, you can also order floor mats embroidered with “90th Anniversary” as well as other special accessories such as a license plate frame.

McLaren is ceasing its habit of stockpiling vehicles in North America. The award-winning automobile marque is specifically shifting away from the practise of stockpiling vehicles in order to promote a more efficient process, reducing stock and encouraging faster sales.In an effort to react promptly to market needs, McLaren has concluded that sustained stockpiling fails to serve their objective of providing vehicles to their customers quickly. Subsequently, McLaren will now be obtaining vehicles on a weekly or monthly basis, based on current demand.This transition necessitates a departure from convening cars to one factory with storage capacity; models for Canada and the United States will now be sourced directly from McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England.The iconic supercar manufacturer seeks to expedite its product delivery infrastructure by cutting out unnecessary storage and conserving resources. By minimising stockpiled cars across both regions, McLaren can focus on upholding premium quality and optimising consumer experiences.

McLaren is ushering in a new era in North America with the adoption of a build-to-order system throughout both the United States and Canada. This entails that the 29 showrooms will be receiving vehicles which have already been requested by patrons. Thus, dealerships won’t be stocking up on automobiles before attempting to acquire buyers.

“However, there will be a few exceptions as dealers are still likely to hoard the more ‘popular’ models such as the Artura and GT since these are usually sold faster. Geoff Tink, McLaren Americas’ sales director, recently discussed the new system in an interview with Automotive News, explaining:

“In order to ensure that our inventory is being used to its fullest potential, we will prioritize allocating it to those dealers that demonstrate demand through customer orders. This way, we can make sure that our resources are being directed to the areas where they are most needed.”

A switch to a build-to-order system seems practical, taking into account that almost 80 percent of McLaren cars purchased in America are specially requested.

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