Mustang GT3 Racing: A True Test of Strength

Follow Ford Preps for Rolex 24 at Daytona on Cameras

Ford Performance has just launched the opening installment of a 5-part docuseries depicting the Mustang GT3’s trip from trial runs to the Rolex 24 taking place at Daytona January subsequent year. The series entitled Mustang Endurance furnishes an unrestrained view of the trials and tribulations that the team had to endure in obtaining their contender ready for the forthcoming season of endurance racing. Additionally, we have the privilege of listening to input from group directors, racers, and crew members, as well as the professionals including engineers, forward thinkers, plus engine fabricators who make the enchantment happen out of sight.

Episodes are marked by different topics, dealing with Ford’s perception of the Mustang racecar like it was a marathon participant.

Mustang Endurance | “Intro” Ep. 1 | Ford Performance

Ford Performance equates the refinement of the car’s chassis and aerodynamics to the vigorous regimen a competitive athlete partakes in order to better their physique. The engine then is envisaged as the heart powering this sportsperson, while the brains of the operation are attributed to the people instrumental in bringing it all together, such as Global Sports Car Manager Kevin Groot, Multimatic Motorsports Director Larry Holt, and Ford Performance Motorsports Global Manager Mark Rushbrook.

“Winning important races and championships, and driving brand value back to our business are some of the reasons why we go racing,” Rushbrook declared. “With Mustang’s 60th anniversary in 2024, what better way to celebrate this global performance icon than by testing it in the most extreme conditions?”

There are a variety of settings that encompass Barcelona, portions of the UK, and Sebring to mention just a few.

It has been around six months since Ford’s new Rolling Road Wind Tunnel was introduced, and it has been instrumental in preparing the Mustang GT3 for racing. The Blue Oval is desperate to have a successful beginning. With the Mustang S650, Ford has announced plans to take part in multiple series, and disciplines such as GT4, NASCAR, and NHRA Factory X racing are all on the horizon. Furthermore, the car has already been competing in the Australian Supercars Championship where it has faced tough rivalry from the aged Chevrolet Corvette.

The premiere episode in this captivating series aired today, with the subsequent Episode 2 now scheduled for December 22nd. Following the holiday season, it will be succeeded by the third instalment on Friday, January 5th, with the fourth edition to be published the week after on the 12th. Bringing the series to a close, the last episode, based around the January 27-28 race, arrives on February 2nd and all episodes can be viewed on YouTube.

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