Naughty Bear Escapes in SUV After Imprisonment

Young Bear Trapped Inside Toyota RAV4
Black Bear Set Free After Getting Trapped in SUV || ViralHog

Interactions of cars and wild animals don’t usually have good outcomes, but fortunately this footage exhibits a cheerful result for all creatures involved. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the cabin of this Toyota RAV4 (Third Gen.) which became an impromptu abode to a juvenile black bear for a few hours — not to rest peacefully, but to wreak havoc in there.

Recently shared on YouTube by ViralHog, an instance was reported in rural Virginia occurring June 6. The narrative states that the owner of the vehicle ventured out at approximately 10:00 am local time and discovered the airbags had deployed and the windscreen was smashed when they reached the car. Suddenly, inside the vehicle was seen a bear, lunging towards the window. We suspect it would have been like a scene from a horror film; thankfully due to Mindy Maine’s Facebook post, we don’t need to imagine. In summary, yikes!

It’s evident for all to see that no person dared venture inside or even draw back the entrance. Law enforcement were alerted soon after, arriving an hour and a half later with a conservation officer. A brilliant strategy was executed, by which a rope was connected to the handle, enabling somebody from afar to open the door from their vehicle without endangering themselves. The bear emerged shortly afterwards, none the worse for its ordeal, and it is indeterminate when precisely it got in; opinions left on the footage assert that the SUV had been unlocked at some point throughout the night.

The pictures on Facebook revealed that the RAV4 had been significantly hollowed out internally. Its dashboard was destroyed, the headliner ripped down, and its seats torn open, in addition to a shattered windshield and deployed airbags. It appears like the bear had been inside for an extended period of time before it got the urge to depart. According to what was posted on Facebook, the insurance deemed the car a total loss.

This definitely will not be the premiere time we have witnessed bears in automobiles. Let us not overlook the heroic female who utilized her matriarchal vocals to expel a bear from a GMC Sierra Denali, nevertheless is this an intelligent manner of handling ursines? We checked with Colorado –where bears evidently exist in abundance– regarding this matter.

One of the best strategies to avoid having bear visits is to routinely lock doors. They are capable of turning door handles, and if they get a scent of any food inside, it can be enticing for them. As such, it is best advised not to leave food in vehicles or when camping, as Colorado Parks and Wildlife suggests that provisions should be kept in truly impermeable containers far from both tents and motors.

In the event that a bear, or any other potentially hazardous wild creature, is already in the area, it is advised to promptly call on the authorities. When there is an immediate jeopardy, individuals should not consider fleeing, rather they ought to create loud commotion and attempt to make themselves look more tremendous and startling. Generally, bears do not interpret humans as an available food source; yet, a container of crisps left inside an mysteriously unlocked car has identical characteristics to a late-night snack for them.

As summertime approaches, bears will become especially active. Everyone should take caution and stay safe.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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