New Aston Martin EV Comes With Pirelli Cyber Tires

Sensor-Tire Data for Suspension & Braking
Pirelli Cyber Tyre – The ultimate system to keep track of the road

Within the next few years, Aston Martin is rolling out four electric cars, with its initial model expected to land in the year 2025. During a panel at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, team leader Roberto Fedeli revealed that the first EV would be fitted with special Cyber Tire system provided by Pirelli.

Cyber Tires boast a sensing device which interacts seamlessly with the car’s tech. It is able to comprehend the tire variety, including winter and summer variants, as well as the ideal tyre pressure, load index, and speed rating. The system can further track wear levels, heat, traction and skidding details, the burden on them, among other factors. Depending on how automakers utilise such technology, cars are able to modify elements like motor vehicle suspension settings, electronic balance restraint parameters, braking aid, and more.

Pirelli is extolling the system for furnishing the automobile with intelligence that it typically would not possess. The additional information makes for a more secure driving experience.

The McLaren Artura was among the pioneer batch of production cars to be fitted with Cyber Tires, complete with custom-made P Zero, P Zero Corsa, and P Zero Winter tires. The Lotus Evija is another model that has adopted this technology.

This could warn other drivers of potential risks, along with tyres that better adapt to the ground.Pirelli is currently researching a version of “Cyber Tires” that will have the capability to interface with other cars and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The concept is that this technology can transmit information to other automobiles concerning the road’s conditions. This would provide other road users alerts to possible harms, paired with wheels that regulate better to the landscape.

In June of 2023, Aston Martin declared a far-reaching association with Lucid to provision the British brand’s upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) for battery components and powertrain. Chairman Lawrence Stroll stated that Aston Martin’s engineers would tailor the components to its cars instead of retaining their original form. As part of the arrangement, Lucid held a 3.7 percent share in Aston Martin.

Aston Martin has earlier stated that the Vantage would eventually adapt to a battery-powered motor. It is uncertain though if this is what we will witness in 2025. Every vehicle in their range is expected to feature some form of electrification by the end of 2030, and around half are forecasted to be fully electric.

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