New Audi Q3: Split Headlights

Unexpected Taillight Design

When sneaky paparazzi captures of the incoming Audi Q3 were snapped in September, the deluxe SUV just exposed a scant line of LED lights. From that information, we suspected the fundamental illumination system was obscured under the wrap. Our theories turned out to be precise as lately taken secret surveillance pictures from northern Sweden demonstrate an exotic bifurcated headlamp design.

Now that the makeup has been removed, it reveals that the Audi Q3 is the latest Volkswagen Group offering to sport dual headlights. The higher light strip consists of daytime running lights and directional signals while the bottom module provides high and low beam functions. Crafted in the same Hungarian Gyor facility, the Cupra Terramar is set to feature standard one-piece headlights.

We are pleasantly astonished to witness the grille as modestly smaller with dozens of trapezoidal shapes surrounding the unseen Quattro Rings. It’s obvious that the LED light bar affixed to this prototype won’t be integrated on the production adaptation. Regarding the lower air intake, it is broader than previous models, stretching to the boundaries of the bumper.

The rear of the prototype is just as intriguing. Audi has fashioned an abnormal taillight setup that might be additionally divided into separate pieces. But the blurring camouflage could be inadequately deceiving us since the two seemingly individual assemblies could join beneath the disguise. Furthermore, it is probable that the higher strip is longer than it appears since it probably lengthens over the full width of the tailgate. The omission of perceptible exhaust outlets points to the fact that we are evaluating a low-ranking Q3.

Remaining faithful to the already proven MQB framework, this will be the last version of Q3 featuring internal combustion engines. Gasoline and diesel motors that comply with Euro 7 emissions standards are proposed, possibly alongside some mild-hybrid models. What’s more, bearing in mind Cupra will have the Terramar PHEV, there is an expectation for a plug-in hybrid offering with a commuting distance of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers).

We are expecting something a little bit bigger for the Audi Q3 in comparison to the Cupra Terramar which measures 177.1 inches (4.5m long). It should be noted that the existing Q3 model is 176.6in (4.48 meters). Unfortunately, we are yet to get a glimpse of the Q3 Sportback with its curved roofline design.

This coming year, Audi and Cupra will be releasing their sister models to accompany the recently-announced Volkswagen Tiguan. The two vehicles, an Audi Q3 and a Cupra Terramar, are certain to make an impression.

Source: SH Proshots

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