Spied: Audi S5 Sportback Looking Good in Camo

Spied: Facelifted VW Golf Testing as Wagon
2025 Audi S5 Sportback Prototype Spied Testing At The Nürburgring

Espionage agencies have captured images of two forthcoming Volkswagen Group vehicles while undergoing testing in Germany; one is the renewed Audi S5 Sportback, with the other being a VW Golf restyling.

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The public was recently granted an eye-opening glimpse of the future 2025 Audi S5 Sportback, as it was seen refueling ahead of a test run at the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife. Enthusiasts were absolutely abuzz about this sighting, especially given that the S5 had never been witnessed prior to this at the racetrack. Sightseers stood in awe as they watched the Audi being pumped up with petrol, before it accelerated off in preparation for its examination on the ‘Green Hell’. The company, who is renowned for creating powerful performance cars, is set to make history with the release of their new S5 model. The 2025 Audi S5 Sportback has caused a lot of excitement amongst fans, as it’s believed to be faster than its predecessors. Should this be valid, then the machine will undeniably leave its mark on the famed track. Although there is still so much mystery surrounding what specs the car has and what speed it is capable of achieving, one thing remains certain: the Nordschleife is in for a treat. Enthralled viewers were astounded as the fresh-off-the-production-line Audi S5 Sportback fueled up

Audi seems to be taking an eternity to release their all-new midsize models, as it appears the A4/A5 have been on the radar for what feels like ages. The most recent spy video coming from the Nürburgring is providing a close look at prototypes of the S5 in hatchback design. Although the car is heavily camouflaged all over, we sense that it’s likely going to be quite an eye-catching vehicle.

It won’t be much of a choice anymore whether to get an S4 Sedan or S5 Sportback because the former is far from destined for longevity. Reports are that Audi will drop future traditional sedans becoming more partial to the walls-raised multi-purpose models. Naturally, this means there won’t be any A4 either as the alphanumeric nomination is reportedly assigned for awaited electric vehicles instead. That means today’s wagon is going to change to an A5 Avant version which includes S5 and RS5 editions to match. Seems unexpected, no?

.Volkswagen’s Golf Wagon has been spied nearly exposing all of its facelift alterations. The refreshed wagon was observed while it was being tested, wearing a light camouflage that barely concealed its redesigned details. Even though some of the exterior modifications and the new interior look remain unknown, certain revisions could be made out, including a slightly altered front end and updated grille layout. Furthermore, more angular headlights appear to have been installed, and the taillights look like they have gone through subtle changes as well.

VW is on the brink of concluding a mid-cycle facelift for the Golf, and our intrepid spies have just spotted the wagon iteration – unavailable in the US – putting along German roads in a proof. The tinier vehicle with the svelte extended roof had scarcely any camouflage. Riding atop splendid steel rims loaded with hubcaps, the experimental model was most likely outfitted with a minimized hybrid gasoline powertrain if the eTSI emblem is anything to go by. Every nook of its mildly readjusted headlights were visible, and they look more sparse than before.

Featuring a body-colored hue, the front bumper of the car has been camouflaged, though there isn’t many alterations underneath. At the rear, VW placed stickers on the taillights in an attempt to disguise the updated LED signature. Although we can’t witness it in this image, the cabin will obtain a redesigned dashboard that includes a much larger screen. It was revealed by authorities from Wolfsburg that customers aren’t very keen on capacitive touch controls, so the introduction of more classic buttons for the Mk8.5 should be expected.

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