New Nissan Z Takes Down JDM Legend of the 90s

Test-Driving A Classic: Nissan Z32 300ZX vs. Modern Street Cars

David Patterson – more commonly recognized by his handle ThatDudeinBlue on YouTube – has returned, with an all-new video portraying him taking the wheel of the much-revered Nissan Z32 300ZX.

The Nissan 300ZX, created from 1989 to 2000, is embodied within the Golden Age of JDM cars at which time Japanese carmakers exhibited a portion of their most renowned and high-power vehicles. It has featured in numerous video games such as Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, plus the emblematic Fast and Furious Franchise. Even so, Patterson feels that it does not get the appreciation it merits. In reality, the example which David tests has a few alterations beneath its hood, making it a daunting foe to even contemporary sports cars, including those crafted by Nissan.

SLEEPER BIG TURBO 300ZX Makes the New Z Look Slow

Patterson mentions that this specific 300ZX is the quickest he has ever operated with a standard VG30 twin-turbo motor. Changes to it include Garrett turbochargers, an absolutely assembled engine, and larger valves producing around 750 horsepower on E85 petrol. It similarly features Toyo Proxes tires and Blitz wheels, and even 300ZX brake calipers that David claims he usually encounters on Nissan 240ZXs.

In spite of its diminutive size, the YouTuber finds the 300ZX pleasurable to operate, its traditional styling retaining its youthful appeal surprisingly. Within the car, individuals will discover a custom and individualized blue colour palette, that slightly mirrors that of the interior of modern-day Z’s. Furthermore, Patterson comments on the elongated gear setup and improved turbochargers – both of which he can’t wait to assess.

Despite his meticulous preparation, Patterson expressed shock at the incredible speed of the turbocharged 300ZX. An accolade to its factory-fitted Nissan motor, which the YouTuber wholeheartedly praises. He clarifies that though many opt to replace motors rather than upgrade them, due to their complexity, this one remains untouched and period-authentic – with its original “robust” clutch still in place.

The swiftness and capability of the 300ZX carries on to attract the YouTuber as he goes into the higher gears. He notices that even with the transmission problems and having to keep it in gear, the car runs extremely well on the highway. He takes note of the rear steering feature and praises the car’s easy ride and sharp appearance.

Altogether, Patterson is thoroughly astounded by the strength of the VG30 motor and emphasizes that when correctly designed with a matching turbo system, it can effortlessly challenge contemporary street automobiles, beginning with the advanced Nissan Z.

Youtube has become a big culture today as many people stream and watch videos. ThatDudeInBlue is one who stands out among them in many ways. He has achieved this by having an interesting and creative channel that revolves around cars.YouTube has become a massive trend these days, with lots of folks streaming and witnessing videos. One YouTuber in specific – ThatDudeIn Blue – stands out from the rest in extraordinary ways. He has attained this through hosting an intriguing and original channel that focuses on automobiles.

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