New Power Outputs Confirmed for 2025 BMW M3 LCI and M4 CS in Leaked News

BMW rumors: Accurate or just wishful thinking?

New evidence has surfaced to corroborate the assertions that the upcoming BMW M4 CS will be on par with the M4 CSL and M3 CS in terms of performance – and while we’re on the subject of the G80 sedan, the 2025 LCI refresh (or facelift for non-car enthusiasts) will bring the M3 up to equal power levels with the newly updated M4 Coupe.

In simpler terms, the M4 CS is set to deliver an anticipated 543 horsepower, while the M3 Competition M xDrive will reach a peak of 523 hp. However, it’s important to note that these figures are not the absolute limit, as German luxury car manufacturers tend to downplay the true power output of their high-performance vehicles.

It is a positive thing that the M4 CS boasts over 500 horsepower, however some individuals on Bimmerpost forums are voicing their dissatisfaction and demanding for even more power. This is absurd considering how much stress M cars already put on tires.

The official output of the M4 CS has been verified through a post on Bimmerpost forum, which includes screenshots from an internal database. These images confirm the special edition’s impressive 405 kW (543 hp) power output and its drive to all four wheels. Interestingly, there is uncertainty regarding the transmission type, as there is a question mark next to any mention of it.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this can be interpreted as a sign of a manual gearbox since BMW continues to restrict their manual models to 473 horsepower. Prior to the release of the current M3 and M4, the manufacturer stated that the manual transmission could not handle higher levels of power than this. Given that car companies often undersell their horsepower ratings, exceeding this limit would likely result in frequent damage to the clutch.

Individuals familiar with the aftermarket industry are aware that this justification holds little weight. However, considering the M4 CS will bear the burden of an all-wheel drive system, it would only make sense for it to also come equipped with paddle shifters. Regardless, if the M3 CS is any indication (given its recognition as an award recipient), the M4 CS is bound to be exhilarating.

Recently, the 2025 version of the BMW M4 facelift was unveiled, showcasing a significant increase in power for the coupe’s Competition M xDrive model. It follows logic that the 2025 version of the M3 sedan will also receive similar upgrades. A separate post on Bimmerpost by the same user confirms this through an internal database leak, stating that the M3 Competition with all-wheel drive will live up to expectations with an impressive 523 horsepower.

Another aspect to consider is that these advancements support the rumors of an AWD G87 M2. There have been ongoing speculations about increased power in the smaller M model, as well as the possibility of an M2 CS without a manual gearbox. With the latest M3 Comp and M4 Comp offering higher horsepower than ever before, there seems to be a market for a more potent and easily controllable M2. And when it comes to BMW, filling any gaps is a wise move.

It is anticipated that an announcement regarding the M4 CS and M3 Competition will be made soon, however, the AWD M2 may still be kept under wraps for another year.

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