Next Generation Fords: Gaming and Projectors Combined for Ultimate Entertainment On-The-Go

New Ford In-Car Entertainment System for Electric Vehicle Charging Delays

In a recent discovery by CarBuzz at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ford has introduced an innovative system that utilizes current vehicle equipment for gaming purposes while the car is not in motion. This patent showcases the incorporation of headlights as projectors for displaying gaming images, along with utilizing the existing car hardware or additional devices such as smartphones or PlayStation controllers to operate gaming features.

Playing video games in vehicles is a common practice, with Tesla being one of the pioneers to popularize this concept that has rapidly caught on among car manufacturers. Not only that, but even BMW has joined the bandwagon. But what sets Ford’s approach apart?

By utilizing advanced Matrix LED headlights, a remarkably sharp and clear image can be effortlessly displayed onto a level surface. Mercedes’ innovative Digital Light technology is capable of projecting warnings with exceptional precision onto the road, and continual advancements in lighting technology make Ford’s concept achievable. The Blue Oval company suggests that low beam intensity could potentially be utilized to project images onto the roadway or an unoccupied parking area, while the high beams could produce an even more defined display when a flat wall is accessible. Additionally, the patent proposes the possibility of adjusting for low lighting conditions, such as fog or rain.

What is the purpose of this? Ford has developed a new method to achieve sharper visuals through the car’s pre-existing internal displays. Although the current Ford system is highly efficient, it still poses a limitation as these screens are primarily designed for the driver or possibly, besides them, a co-passenger. However, in Ford’s patent documentation, it suggests that the view of these screens is often inconvenient for other passengers. As a solution, the concept introduced by Ford includes a large-scale image projected at the front of the vehicle, allowing all occupants to participate and fully enjoy the game without any hindrance.

The registered invention specified the possibility of utilizing already existing controls such as the steering wheel, touchscreens, or buttons to engage with the video game. In particular, the steering wheel, when equipped with a steer-by-wire mechanism, could potentially be employed in racing games, though it is more probable that it would be used for simpler games. The patent specifically discusses the ability to control a game like Tetris by means of a single control, such as the button or lever commonly used for adaptive cruise control systems.

In the event of any movement of the car, the game would immediately cease operation and could only be restarted once the surroundings were deemed safe and the vehicle had definitively come to a halt – verifications that would be carried out prior to each gameplay session.

The purpose of this technology is to alleviate boredom while waiting for an electric car, such as the Mustang Mach-E, to charge. However, considering the rapid advancement of recharging technology, we doubt that this concept will ever become a viable option. On the other hand, who could have predicted that we would one day have cars with integrated TikTok?

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