Next Generation Polestar Electric Vehicles May Recharge in 10 Minutes

Future Polestar Models: Revolutionary Super-Fast Charging Capabilities Ahead.

The Polestar 5 sedan is basically Sweden’s version of the Porsche Taycan. We witnessed it making its way up the hill at Goodwood with claims of 884 horsepower. Now, we have an idea of how fast it could potentially charge in the future. However, this is all just theory.

Recently, Polestar successfully conducted a trial using an initial 5 prototype. The test showed the battery recharging from 10 to 80 percent in a mere 10 minutes, giving an additional 200 miles (320 kilometers) of driving range on a 77.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack. This is faster than the Taycan in production, which accomplishes the same in approximately 18 minutes. However, it is important to note that the Taycan has a bigger battery capacity of 105.0 kWh.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle utilized a unique battery pack manufactured by a company named StoreDot. This pack has the capability to expand to 100.0 kWh as required. The DC fast charging rate started at 310 kilowatts when the battery was at 10 percent and eventually rose to 370 kilowatts upon completion of charging. However, the average charging rate was not specified.

Jens Groot, chief engineer of Polestar’s battery systems, affirms, “This is proof that we can now charge at these speeds in a standard car. We didn’t add anything new outside the battery pack. It still had the original cooling pump and fan.”

Polestar has not confirmed whether it intends to incorporate StoreDot batteries into upcoming products, but it has indicated that this trial provides a glimpse of its “next-generation battery pack.” Initial findings are encouraging. It marks the debut of a functional StoreDot battery in an electric vehicle, leaving many questions unanswered regarding its long-term performance.

Although StoreDot batteries may not be incorporated into the Polestar 5 upon its release, there is a possibility that these batteries will be utilized in upcoming Polestar models. The sedan, featuring an 800-volt architecture, is set to launch with an approximate 103.0-kWh battery pack and a range of about 372 miles. It is expected to be officially introduced as a production model by 2025, with sales beginning later that same year or possibly in 2026. Starting pricing is estimated to be around $90,000.

Source: Polestar

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