Nissan GT-R: Sharper Look w/ Carbon Fiber Kit

Pre-Order Kits Now Available

DarwinPro Aerodynamics has upped the ante with their brand-new, totally comprehensive carbon fiber kit for the 2024 Nissan GT-R. This package boasts a complete one-piece front and rear bumper, side skirts, pioneering front fenders, an upgraded trunk lid, plus a trunk-mounted spoiler.

Given the R35’s longevity, we have already seen a multitude of kits available for this sportscar. A majority of these tend to be super aggressive-appearing, in particular those hailing from Liberty Walk Tuning. This one from DarwinPro, however, emphasizes the car’s sharp contours while maintaining its essential form.

The rear bumper, for instance, is merely a bit greater than the standard bumper. Its diffuser consists of boxy, angular forms, while its edges don’t alter the contours of the Nissan supercar adversary.

In sum, DarwinPro’s new R35 package stands as a contender to TechArt’s superb body kit for the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Whereas TechArt puts emphasis on aesthetics, DarwinPro involves aerodynamics in their package, thus its bundle will not alter the orders of the Nissan sports car, but it could still contribute to its performance through lighter construction and air flow enhancements.

Presently, early orders of the R-35 DarwinPro kit can be taken; beginning at $9,417 if ordered as uncolored carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass (PCF). Alternatively, selecting the created carbon fiber (FGPCF) variation will increase the cost to $11,770.

The highest price-tagged DarwinPro R35 array, crafted using dry forged carbon fiber (DryPCF), weighs in at an extravagant $14,125. Keep in mind, these varieties will be compatible with all Nissan GT-R variants from 2008 up until 2024.

As stated earlier, the GT-R is an aging platform with minimal modifications for its 2024 model year. Thus, these kits from DarwinPro could be a great way to give your “Godzilla” a bit of a boost. But that’s not all – DarwinPro also offers kits for numerous other cars, such as the Toyota Sienna.

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