Nissan Note: Swivel-Ready Front Seat

Glorious Hubcaps & HDMI Port Included

Do you recall cars? Some automakers still manufacture them for those who don’t prefer SUVs. To keep the third-generation Nissan Note fresh and competitive, the company has provided it with a mid-cycle update. This update was launched towards the end of 2020, and now a minor revision is bringing a revised front fascia along with body-colored grille inserts. The bumpers have been redesigned and those 16-inch steel wheels are now adorned with “traditional Japanese geometric patterns.”

In terms of styling, the Note is fairly standard – in a good way – and it won’t be hard to find one that suits your style.Despite its modifications, the Nissan Note still appears dated, having possibly made its debut in either the ’00s or the most recent decade. However, this may not be considered undesirable, taking into account certain ostentatiously designed modern-day autos. The car may be acquired in 14 different hues, with violet among them; in addition, two-tone finishes are on hand for those who like to stand out. As far as looks go, the Note appears quite conventional – a bonus in the eyes of several – therefore it will not be complicated to determine one that strikes one’s fancy.

Stepping inside, the most intriguing highlight is undoubtedly the “rotational passenger seat.” With the ability to swivel towards the outer edge of the Note, it makes entering and exiting the car a breeze. For added convenience, the seat has been equipped with a built-in footrest. The cabin has kept the same “floating” center console as the pre-facelift version, and the HDMI port remains. To add a bit of flair, Nissan has included a mizuhiki (an ancient Japanese artform of knot-tying) motif on the dashboard and an array of stripes on the upholstery. It’s certainly a sight to behold!

The next-gen Nissan Note is available with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and it incorporates a hybrid powertrain setup. Rather than powering the wheels, its 1.2-liter gasoline-powered engine provides electricity to the battery, which then sends energy to the front electric motor. Should you opt for the AWD version of the vehicle, there is also an additional motor at the back.

The electrified Note is surprisingly cost-effective, beginning from 2,299,000 yen (US$15,800) for the FWD configuration and with an additional expense of 281,600 yen (US$17,700) for those who wish to upgrade to the AWD. Unfortunately, the odds of Americans getting access to this vehicle are practically null; however, we are delighted that it has been preserved in Japan.

Source: Nissan

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