Nissan Unveils 2023 SEMA Concepts

Race-Ready Frontier to Compete in as-Is Condition

SEMA is just around the corner and Nissan has waited no longer to give a sneak peek of the vehicles it will showcase on the Las Vegas opening. At the beginning of the month, the company gave notice of a special Frontier truck that would be competing at the NORRA 500 Mexican race and now it can proudly announce that the exactly same off-road racer will be part of its SEMA display. Complementing this race-ready pick-up will be another rough-and-tough transport, as well as a turbocharged sedan based on a race car design.

Commencing with the Project Rugged Rogue – with ‘rugged’ actually part of its name – this is a newly-upgraded 2024 version of the Rogue family car. It has been modified to become a more competent travel machine off any surface area. To achieve this, components such as a three-inch lift suspension set, new wheels, Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 tires, a personalized exhaust system, and carbon fiber fenders are added. Besides that, the outdoor look has been reinforced by the presence of a front bumper guard, six-inch round lights, hood-mounted driving lights, as well as kayaks and mountain bike racks at the roof.

The Sentra DET concept is quite distinctive. Drawing inspiration from the racing vehicles used in the Sentra Cup, which is a single-make racing event taking place in Canada and expected stateside in 2024, this concept takes its name from “Dual overhead cam, Electronic Fuel Injection, Turbo.” According to Nissan, a robust 2.0-liter turbo engine paired to a six-speed manual transmission has been fitted under the hood. It is also complemented with a new Garrett intercooler and turbocharger, DeatschWerks in-tank fuel pump, an AFCO radiator, McLeod lightweight flywheel clutch kit, as well as Manley pistons.

No statistics of effectiveness are presented, yet Nissan has provided the sedan with a constrained sliding differential, ameliorated brakes from the Nissan Z, and Recaro front buckets. The automobile rides atop 18×8.5-inch Nismo wheels garbed in Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD09 245/40/18 wheel-tires. Last but not least, contributing to enliven the turbo motor and improving the overall sound is a prototype Nismo cat-back exhaust system.

In addition to the three exclusive cars, Nissan will be exhibiting two production models at the 2023 SEMA. Along with the concepts, visitors can find out what they would get if they opted for one of these two performance vehicles – the upcoming 2024 Z Nismo and GT-R Nismo. Notable features of the Z Nismo include a more powerful engine providing 420 horsepower, as well as improved Nismo suspension and brakes. As for the GT-R Nismo, it has been modified visually and is equipped with a front limited-slip differential.

Source: Nissan

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