North Carolina State Police Bolsters Fleet with 25 Mustang GTs

New V-8 GT State Trooper Cars Ready to Hit the Road

Ford offers a limited range of cars made for police use, however, the Mustang is not included in this lineup. Despite this, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol has purchased 25 units to be used for patrolling throughout the state. These are not equipped with the standard four-cylinder EcoBoost engines; instead, the State Troopers have opted for the more powerful 486-horsepower GT models in their fleet.

According to the patrol’s Instagram page, it has been revealed that the 2024 Mustang is sporting the state’s silver and black design. While it is unclear whether these are regular GTs or the Premium models, details like the wheels and rear wing suggest that these cars are equipped with the optional GT Performance Package. This additional feature, priced at $4,995, includes upgrades such as Brembo brakes, enhanced suspension, a Torsen differential, additional chassis bracing, modified exhaust, and front tow hooks.

The $1,595 10-speed automatic transmission is likely included on these cars, bringing the final price to $50,790 starting from the standard GT model. According to the Instagram post, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol states that the cost is “comparable to other vehicles currently deployed” in its fleet. With 486 hp available, these cars are certainly capable of chasing down speeders. As the current Dodge Charger is ceasing production and a new police version is still in development, it appears that the pony car is ready to take on high-performance patrol duties.

The Mustang has been associated with police work since the 1980s. At one point, Ford provided a Special Service Package (SSP) featuring various enhanced parts tailored for law enforcement use. Looking at Ford’s current selection of law enforcement vehicles, we find SSV versions available for the F-150 and Expedition, but unfortunately not for the Mustang.

We reached out to Ford Pro regarding the availability of equipment-delete options or a less comprehensive police package that could be made available to municipalities. A representative clarified that there are no factory-made options for the Mustang specifically designed for police forces. However, they mentioned that several companies specialize in providing Mustang-specific items for patrol purposes.

Source: North Carolina State Highway Patrol / Instagram

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