Nov. 30 Cybertruck Delivery Event, 3 P.M. EST (Updated)

Martin Viecha: Tesla Event to Start 2 pm EST

On Tuesday, November 28, Tesla announced an update to the start time of their Cybertruck delivery event. The new start time is 2 p.m. CT, which works out to 3 p.m. EST and 12 p.m. PST. The announcement was made on X (formerly Twitter) through a post on the official Cybertruck (@cybertruck) account. The post, which reads “This year it’s Cyber Thursday,” was then shared by Tesla.

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For over a month, we have been aware that Tesla is presenting the first suite of Cybertruck cars to clients on November 30th at a shipment occasion occurring at Gigafactory Texas in Austin. As we enter the week of the event, Tesla has additionally proclaimed the beginning time and—to nobody’s amazement—it will occur in normal day hours, which is quite strange for an important occurrence such as this one.

Martin Viecha, Tesla’s head of Investor Relations, proclaimed on X that the Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event will commence “around 1 p.m. CT.” The much-anticipated event will be the first time customers will get their hands on the revolutionary electric pickup truck. Tesla has been teasing the vehicle since its November 2019 debut and the event marks a major milestone for the company.

“It’s been confirmed that the Cybertruck delivery event will be taking place at 1pm CT on Thursday – just in case anyone was unsure,” Viecha posted on his X account. “I’ve noticed that a few people thought it would be happening in the evening, so I wanted to clarify the time.”

This yields fair timing for the East and West coasts (2 p.m. EST and 11 a.m. PST, respectively), which implies Europeans won’t need to activate their clocks at 12 o’clock or beyond, since the gathering begins at 8 p.m. C.E.T.

It is now generally accepted that the Cybertruck shipment display will be broadcasted online, more than likely on the car maker’s respective social networking sites like X and YouTube. However, Tesla has yet to update their event web page with a starting time and there are similarly no particulars listed for the live stream. (Our InsideEVs crew is likewise producing a post granting you access into the live stream.)

Tesla has announced that it will be hosting an exclusive event, open only to those shareholders selected through an online drawing. In addition to the raffle, shareholders have also had the opportunity to secure tickets through Tesla’s referral program for 30,000 credits. Every ticket offers the chance to bring one guest, and Tesla states that they anticipate being able to accommodate “a limited number of shareholders in person”.

Potential owners who have already reserved the Tesla Cybertruck should be conscious of not having overly hopeful expectations for the delivery event, for usually only a small number of cars are distributed by Tesla whenever they launch a brand-new model.

This past month, Tesla’s head of product formation Javier Verdura divulged at an occasion in Mexico that a meagre 10 Cybertrucks would be made available for pickup on Thursday.

It is still uncertain if that will turn out to be the case, though what is likely more relevant involves how many details Tesla unveils regarding their electric truck during the occasion. There are a great deal of qualms that have yet to be addressed such as pricing, battery and motor features, scope totals, functioning dimensions, in addition to a good deal more. Hopefully, there should be more insight available this Thursday afternoon.

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