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Matorun 190: 28K Miles

We’ve viewed numerous custom-made Chevrolet Astro campers during the years, yet just in the DIY realm. It was very normal to observe a taller roofed Astro outfitted with little more than wood detailing and a television. This is why we earnestly appreciate this top-notch Astro motorhome available on Bring a Trailer – featuring a cooking area, lavatory and an overhead sleeping area.

This RV has completed a total of only 28,000 miles- 27,950 to be exact- which averages out to roughly 1,000 miles annually. According to its backstory, the majority of the journeys probably didn’t occur in America. The Matorun 190 was originally made in Greenland and intended for sale in Japan. Within its front cab is a compact and convenient mobile home with a table, double sinks in the kitchen, a stove, a microwave, and a bathroom with a shower. It was exported to the US last September and is currently up for purchase in California.

No mention of the motorhome’s electrical output or tank capacity is present, something which has been queried by potential purchasers in the comments section of the sale. Regrettably, since the seller has not responded, we can’t provide any information regarding these characteristics. On top of that, there is no assurance that the systems are operational, even though the photographs showcase a nice recreational vehicle.

We’d be greatly interested to find out precisely how the RV transformation was achieved for this unique Astro van. The Astro, which has a monocoque design with sub-frames, is distinct from vehicles having an entire frame construction. As it is impossible to do the conversion of a motorhome on this sort of vehicle, and being this design was never offered as a special chassis cab model, conversions of this van has hardly been seen over time. This could explain why the design was intended for Japan’s market, where the minute campers cause us to swoon each day.

In this instance, it is said to be fully compliant for use on roads and all set and fully prepared for expeditions with a valid eligibility certificate from California. Sadly, it does not appear as an AWD variant; however, it has strong tires fitted to black three-spoke wheels, which can possibly be remnants from its days in Japan.

As this material goes public, the bids are at $9,000 currently with the auction concluding on December 12th. Tell us your surmise regarding the final offer in the declarations below.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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