Of Your Choice Personalize Your Screen – Choose an Audi Theme

Stylish Themes Match Ambient Light

Audi is looking towards the future by giving their drivers the capacity to customize their in-car MMI experience. Offered through the official Audi App Store, customers will be able to select wallpapers of their choice for a single payment that starts around $12.99 (excluding taxes and other charges). Notably, these wallpapers can only be accessible on the car they are bought alongside with and regrettably cannot be shared or transferred.

Audi has announced that “select” 2023/24 models will come with a range of new themes, though the company has yet to provide a detailed list. Images have surfaced that appear to show an Audi RS6 Avant or Audi RS7 with three of the new themes. To access the themes, the latest MIB 3 software cluster is required, as well as an Audi connect PLUS subscription with Wi-Fi to use the app store.

To our dismay, the available themes are not automobile-themed but, instead, a variety of choices consisting of travel scenes, creatures, and abstract figures. Several landscape and animal assorted images from well-renowned photographers can be seen below. Audi is also providing holiday appropriate themes such as the Christmas tree snow globe and Santa Claus representations on the image down below. If the car is outfitted with the Ambient Light Package Plus, the vehicle’s lights will change automatically to synchronize with the elected designs.

Audi has announced its intention to introduce a range of new custom themes to the Virtual Cockpit display-from fashion icons and sports celebrities to historical moments related to the quattro and the Audi brand. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see Darth Vader lighting up the interior with sinister red illumination? Additionally, wouldn’t it be awesome if customers could take their new cars back in time with some retro themes on the digital display, much like what the new Mustang can do with its Fox Body gauges?

It was understood Audi were looking to bring subscription options to their vehicles, however that appears considerably less debatable than BMW proposing heated chair subscriptions. Offering customers a wallpaper for $13 seems more to be an entertaining way of enabling people to customize their automobile than a dependable source of cash, yet it will definitely be interesting to watch how the car maker enlarges on these types of services in the days ahead.

Installing additional displays in vehicles may appear unfavorable to the aged-time car aficionados, however who of us would say no to the opportunity to expend the monetary amount of one auto spruce-up to make our measure instruments look like an R8 or an Ur Quattro?

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