Off-Road Epic Battle: Trucks Face Off.

Off-Road Drag Race: Ford Megatruck vs. Chevy Silverado

Exhilarating and enjoyable, drag racing is an important factor in America’s car history. Multiple performance vehicles have competed in drag strips to find out which has more power and speed. Disappointingly, these events don’t favor off-roaders very much. However, Hoonigan just built a course exclusively for off-roaders so that a Ford monster truck could battle against a Chevrolet trophy vehicle.

THIS vs THAT OFF-ROAD! Methanol Megatruck vs TURBO LS Silverado Prerunner

Hoonigan, renowned for organizing the This v That series featuring vehicles of varying configurations, is likely to yield a number of victors from cars crafted expressly for competing on highways and tracks. However, 4x4s which performed best on rough terrain would likely bear the brunt under such conditions. To give these off-roaders an arena where they can flaunt their skill and speed, Hoonigan has created a suitable space.

The glaring distinctions between this dirt drag racing trail and an ordinary dragstrip are unmistakable. This novel off-road drag path extends for a mere 1,000 feet – barely one fifth of a mile – signifying that drag races on this course are much shorter than the normal quarter-mile ones. There isn’t any patch of pavement in sight; this off-road drag trail is solely composed of dirt.

For their inaugural race on their freshly constructed drag strip, Hoonigan welcomed two extensively modifed yet completely daunting off-road pickups. Taking center stage was Flyboy, an awe-inspiring truck inhabiting the form of a 1937 Ford vehicle. Possessed by Devon Villeneuve, this megatruck operates using ethanol. Its mighty 8.9-liter supercharged V8 engine is mated to a two-speed automatic gearbox, which in turn propels all four tyres.

Kenny Falconer wheeled his 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Prerunner towards the venue. Outfitted magnificently, this esteemed trophy truck was powered by a turbocharged 6.6-liter V8 engine, delivering output to the back tires with the help of a four-speed automatic transmission.

Flyboy holds sway in terms of power-to-weight proportion, transmission, and drive structure. However, the Silverado has the upper hand when it comes to its suspension system. Its setup incorporating a solid rear and independent front, as well as its shorter travel (rear), should offer an advantage while off-roading.

Hoonigan divided the terrain into three distinct parts. Immediately following the starting position is a fairly brief drop, which ends at two huge jumps. After sailing over the hills, contestants have to get through a set of mounds to cross the finish line. To take first place, each individual must succeed in 2 of the 3 rounds.

Thanks to its remarkable power-to-weight ratio and all-wheel drive system, the Flyboy could reach exceptionally impressive speeds. But ultimately the Silverado’s better-suited suspension resulted in it outpacing it on jumps and whoops. Ultimately, while Flyboy claimed victory twice, both wins were only narrow.

Hoonigan recently launched their channel on YouTube. It is a great add-on to the series of their events, merchandise and other offerings they present.Hoonigan have recently released their YouTube channel to the public, providing an excellent addition to their product selection which already consists of a variety of events and merchandise.

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