Only Eight Automakers Confirmed for Geneva Motor Show 2021

Major automobile brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz will not be present.

Formerly celebrated as a prominent and influential event in the automotive world, the Geneva Motor Show will soon commence amidst a subdued atmosphere, a far cry from its past magnificence. This once highly-anticipated show, known for its large turnout of both car enthusiasts and industry professionals, has gradually lost its significance, with only eight car manufacturers confirmed to showcase their latest innovations in 2024.

The upcoming event, set to take place from the 26th of February to the 3rd of March, will feature two leading European car brands and no major Japanese ones. The only representatives from the Old Continent will be Renault and Dacia, while the rest of the participating companies will consist of BYD, Isuzu, Lucid, MG Motor, Microlino, and Pininfarina. Take a look at the complete lineup of exhibitors for the 2024 Geneva Motor Show below:

30. Zephir1. The Association of Swiss Automobiles (ASA) / Swiss Automotive Trade Union (SATU) / Avenergy / Swiss Roads 2. Health Alliance Switzerland 3. Car-i-DAT 4. Passway 5. BYD 6. Careful Solutions Global Inc.7. Timeless Classics Motors 8. DAB Motors 9. Dolphin10. ErreErre Custom Cars 11. International Federation of Motor Sports (IFMS) 12. Formula One Merchandise Group 13. Grand Prix Racing 14. Isuzu Motors 15. Chimera 16. Fabian Lazaro 17. Legendary Motors Magazine 18. Lucid Motors 19. Marvin Engler 20. Magic Motor Co. 21. Micro-traveler 22. Signature Design by Pininfarina 23. World Race 24. Regenerate Motor Company 25. Shenzer Motors 26. Serene 27. Swiss Racing Laboratory 28. Swiss Touring Club 29. Evolutionary Motors 30. Zepher Motors

The declining amount of participants is a reflection of a larger pattern in which top car manufacturers are opting for alternatives like digital reveals or localized showcases to present their newest products. Experts in the industry attribute this drop to the mounting expenses linked with participating in these events, along with the growing impact of digital mediums for communication.

The somber ambience surrounding this year’s Geneva Motor Show has sparked discussions about the future of such gatherings, particularly in Europe, as the automotive industry experiences a significant shift towards electric and self-driving cars. While the exhibition still exudes its traditional charm and boasts the picturesque Swiss setting, it struggles to regain the grandeur it once held in the global motoring scene.

It should be mentioned that the GIMS currently hosts a secondary yearly occasion in Qatar. The first occurrence took place from 5 to 14 October of last year in Doha, showcasing an expanded selection of over 30 vehicle manufacturers.

Source: Geneva Motor Show

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