Order a Tesla Cybertruck: How Much Does it Cost?

Participating California Tesla Service Centers: Optional Colors Available

Four years after its much-heralded introduction, the Tesla Cybertruck has at last arrived with specs and features to fulfill the long-anticipated expectations. Interestingly, you have the option of foregoing the stainless steel exterior for a different colour for an extra $6,500.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, famously declared that the “Cybertruck can have any color you want, so long as it’s nothing” and that wraps won’t be available “at first.” It’s worth noting that this statement has been met with some surprise from fans.

Tesla’s website suggests two paint protection films for the Cybertruck, satin white and satin black. If you don’t like the stainless appearance, this could be a great alternative.

The whopping cost of $6,500 for the added color option may sound pricey, yet it is undeniably less than the approximate $8,000 cost for unskilled vinyl wraps of the Model 3 and Model Y. It should be noted that the electric pickup was originally promised with a base price of $39,900, and now stands at $60,990; consequently, including the extra coloring might prove to be too expensive for some customers.

One might indeed pay the price for standing out among the abundance of Cybertrucks with their predictable stainless steel finish which mimics the appearance of the DMC DeLorean. Yet, it could be well worth it in order to appear substantially different.

The distinctive Color Paint Film employs a urethane-based shield to safeguard the car from scuffs and scratches. Plus, this technology is believed to be more ecologically friendly than traditional vinyl coverings. If you’re seeking out a more accessible substitute, you can investigate the satin clear paint film at an estimated cost of $5,000.

The quoted charges comprise of the expense of materials as well as setup. Individuals who opt for our service must ensure to bring their vehicles to any of our participating Tesla service locations in West Covina or Carlsbad, California.

Apart from the rich hues, Tesla is likewise offering a great many embellishments, such as an outdoor camp ($2,975), rooftop crossbars ($800), tailgate ramp ($400), and wheel replacement cover ($75), to list a few. There is also a comical decal for the glass window, alluding to the notorious cracked window during the launch in 2019.

Have you ever ponder what a black Tesla Cybertruck would look like? Last month, Franz von Holzhausen, the head designer from Tesla, brought one at a meeting entitled Tesla & Coffee in Santa Monica, California.

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