Own a Unique Porsche 928 GT Slantnose

Rarest Porsche: An Exceptional Find

Meantful to substitute the venerated 911 as Porsche’s highlighted pattern, the 928 has its advantages, in any case this one-in-a-kind GT Flachbau is the most special of them all. Presently offered at RM Sotheby’s, it remains the rarest adaptation of the German sportscar.

“The Flachbau 928 is a unique model amongst the 928s ever produced, featuring a ‘slant nose’ design that can be hard to spot – but not to the eyes of the right collector.” This special car stands out from the rest of the 928s, and for those with a keen eye, it’s a must-have.

This vehicle boasts an even sleeker set of pop-up headlights in comparison to the conventional edition, quite comparable to that of the Porsche 944. This extraordinary car was conceived and put together by the dedicated Sonderwunsch squad, a specialized branch within Porsche Exclusive. One fortunate individual was the recipient of this custom-crafted vehicle.

Tracing its origin to the expert craft of the Stuttgart brand, this 928 carries the signature codes in its production line. Enhancing its appearance and capabilities even further is a broadbody kit that includes side skirts and widening wheel arches. Additionally, upgraded features such as deep-dish wheel spacers and other aerodynamic side mirrors can also be seen. All in all, designed with a 639 option code particular to GT models, this version is scientifically developed and equipped to surpass the performance of the 928 S4 model.

Beneath the sculpted hood of this Slantnose 928 beats a 5.0-liter, naturally aspirated V8 engine, which churns out an impressive 326 horsepowers and 317 lb-ft of torque, linked to a five-speed manual transmission. In accordance with the power unit, the cabin remains entirely as-built; no changes are evidenced. There is, however, a Blaupunkt radio as an extra accompaniment.

The vehicle has been kept by a single proprietor for the last 35 years and has had regular upkeep at Porsche service centers and competent repair shops. Documentation to back up these assertions also come with it.

Nevertheless, take of note of this special 928, as its odometer reading of 56,636 kilometers (35,192 miles) might not be entirely accurate. It appears that the initial part was exchanged in 2003 for a modified item at a certified Porsche Center in Saarland, and documentation affirms that before substitution of the odometer it had already traveled approximately 11,500 kilometers (7,146 miles).

This exclusive Porsche 928 Slantnose was the subject of a six-page edition of Porsche Fahrer, flagging its scarceness as well as one-off characteristics.

The automobile is scheduled to be auctioned in Paris next year, with a possible final sale price of a high as €280,000, which translates roughly to $305,998 when taking into account present exchange rates. Although it does not rival the appeal of a modified Nardone Automotive 928, the rarity of the item certainly justifies the cost.

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