Owner of $20M McLaren F1 Drives 14 Miles Before Putting It Up For Sale

McLaren F1 Sold for $20 Million Driven Only 13 Miles in Three Years.

One of the McLaren F1s with the least mileage globally is back on the market for sale.

The 1995 McLaren F1, sporting a distinctive color named Creighton Brown, was auctioned off at Pebble Beach car week in 2021 for $20,465,000. Fast forward almost three years, and it is back on the market. Interestingly, the current owner has hardly taken it out for a drive.

When it was sold by Gooding & Company in 2021, this F1 had 387 kilometers on its odometer, equivalent to approximately 240.5 miles. Surpassing the estimated value of $15 million, it became one of the priciest vehicles sold that year and set a record as the costliest car ever sold by Gooding & Company during car week.

In the almost three years since the purchase, whoever bought this F1 hasn’t used it much. An upcoming auction for the vehicle, scheduled to take place via Sotheby’s Sealed on May 13th, discloses that F1 chassis number 029 now displays 410 kilometers, equivalent to 254.8 miles, on the odometer. This indicates that the new owner only added 14 miles to the odometer in three years of ownership, which averages less than five miles per year. Quite unfortunate.

It is easy to see why a McLaren enthusiast would prefer to maintain low mileage on this particular model. Out of the 64 road cars manufactured, it stands as one of the least-driven examples still around, which adds greatly to its appeal for collectors. RM Sotheby’s predicts that the value of F1s has increased by about $1 million annually, so additional mileage could potentially diminish these profits.

If you have enough wealth to purchase a McLaren F1 for more than $20 million, then it would definitely be worthwhile to accept a slight decrease in value for the pleasure of driving it, wouldn’t it? The F1 is renowned as the ultimate driver’s vehicle, so what purpose does owning one serve if you never actually take it out for a spin?

It is probable that this car has been stored in garages with controlled climate conditions for the majority of its existence, and it’s truly unfortunate. The next owner will now have the opportunity to alter this situation. The car is anticipated to be purchased for more than $20 million at an online auction. However, since it is being auctioned through Sotheby’s Sealed, the exact final selling price will remain undisclosed to the public.

No matter the cost, it is probably a worthwhile investment. We simply hope that the recipient will fully appreciate this F1 experience as it was intended.

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