Packed Luxury: $250K Tiny Mercedes Motorhome

4-Sleeper RV with Dinette Seating
250k very luxurious Swedish fully winterised motorhome. Kabe Travelmaster Imperial i860 LGB

Motor coaches, caravans and campervans are widespread outside of the U.S., granting international travelers a vast range of transportation possibilities. Recently, an interesting video was released showcasing the Kabe Imperial i860 LQB – an extravagant motorhome that unequivocally warrants its express fee.

Kabe, a Swedish manufacturer, constructs motorhomes that boast exclusive design choices. The dining area in the front encompasses an L-shaped plat and a conventional bench on either side. Additionally, the seats in the front cab can rotate, enhancing the occupancy capacity around the eating area. Besides, a foldaway bed is installed at the front to offer more sleeping amenities.

The cooking station of the Kabe Imperial i860 LQB boasts a 3-burner stovetop, an icebox-freezer duo, drawers, cupboards, plus a tiny barbecue positioned above the freezer. The narrow corridor that cuts the bath into two halves enables the small cloakroom to be situated on one section while the shower is on the other. In addition, the door of the restroom can modularly open outwards thus obscuring any view from outside the vehicle.

Located towards the rear of the campervan, the bedroom boasts a darker ambience than the rest of the RV. The bunks are split level and feature ascending steps which can be reconfigured to create a larger sleeping area. Above the bed there is abundant storage, in addition to slim wardrobes on either side of the doorway with a sliding fabric divider for privacy. Moreover, beneath the beds, several compartments have been created to store the vehicle’s systems.

The i860 LGB clocks in at 347 inches long, 91 inches wide, and 81 inches tall and sitting atop a Mercedes frame with a 170-horsepower engine driving the front wheels. Whilst not inexpensive, weighing in at €237,300 ($254,574 based on current exchange rates), the cost may be worth the impressive quality of construction, that should be able to endure the rigors of everyday utilization.

Motorhomes and caravans can also be quite costly in other countries, and it’s usually fascinating to notice the different style conceptions. Still, the i860 LGB doesn’t contrast significantly from what’s procurable here. Producers worldwide integrate their own tasteful tweaks and brilliance into their commodities, and Kabe is no exception.

Source: Alan Heath / YouTube

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