Pagani Not Planning Electric Hypercar

Horacio Pagani Likes Chinese EVs

Last week, Pagani unveiled the roadster iteration of the Imola hypercar and arose a major business gathering in the Asia-Pacific region known as the Utopia launch. Horacio Pagani, the creator of the company, went to the unveiling accompanied by Christoper, his son. Both of them engaged with press members when questioned about the feasibility of a new electric hypercar from Pagani; unfortunately, they affirmed that it wouldn’t be seen anytime soon – a matter that doesn’t surprise anyone.

Thanks mainly due to the abundance of carbon fiber, the modern Imola Roadster weighs a mere 2,776 pounds not counting essential liquids. Generally, these measurements place it within the supermini class; yet obviously, this is an impressive hypercar with a V12 motor nestled beneath its hood.

Low weight has always been one of the most prominent advantages of Pagani’s vehicles, and with the switch to a battery electric powertrain, Horacio said, it will have a detrimental effect on the car’s weight and performance. “It’s so different that you are losing a little bit of fun,” Horacio told the publication.

Last summer, an article from Autocar suggested that Pagani would be suspending its research into electric vehicles, which has been gradually ongoing since 2018. But Horacio got in touch with us and noted that the automaker is still very much interested in advancing electrical technology. They are working on creating batteries and electric motors for potential future use. Nevertheless, it looks like a zero-emissions hypercar is still some way off.

At the presentation of Utopia in Hong Kong, Horacio covered the vehicle trade from a worldwide point of view. They inquired as to the Chinese EV industry, to which he answered “The cost of cars made in China is less than those originating from Europe. Hence, organizations making European autos must be exceptionally watchful and work hard to stay pertinent and remain competitive.”

Horacio holds the firm conviction that China presently enjoys the biggest electro-vehicle sector in the world, and due to this he opines there are bounteous prospects for Chinese enterprises within this domain, particularly as relates to their product quality and cost.

Source: Bloomberg

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