Partnering to Increase EV Sales: Fisker & No-Haggle Dealers

Win-Win for Everyone

Fisker is diverging from the approach of companies like Tesla and Rivian, of procuring customers through direct sales. Although the mechanisms for direct buying remain in effect, the business has declared a new mixture derivative that encompasses an association with distributors.

The objective is to grant patrons less arduous access to test drives and fixed pricing, depending on whatever is authorized by the government. Both dealers and customers reap benefits from this. Dealers have a larger selection of vehicles to offer initially with the Fisker Ocean and soon after the Pear, going up against intense rivalry in the small crossover market. In addition, the renowned automaker also has a battery operated truck and an electric car with 1,000 horsepower slated for production in the near future.

Fisker began talks with dealers in late-November 2023, and was expecting the initial models to hit the showroom floor by the conclusion of the first trimester of 2024. The company further anticipated all its dealer alliances would be functioning once its high-volume Pear and Alaska models became available to the public.

Fisker Inc. recently announced that it does not require its dealerships to make costly changes in order to sell its electric vehicles. This has been a major source of stress for dealerships, as they often have to pay millions for updates to their facilities. However, Fisker’s announcement has given dealerships hope, as the company explicitly stated that it “does not require its dealer partners to make extensive, time-consuming, or costly changes to their existing facilities.” Dealers are likely to be eager to take advantage of this deal, as it will save them time and money.

Rather than requiring dealers to invest millions of dollars before they can even sell a single car, Fisker has come up with “corporate identity features” that can be established quickly so that dealers can get started with sales right away. In addition, dealers will be able to provide their customers with financing and insurance services.

This is not just an open invitation, though. Fisker noted that they will cooperate with dealerships that emphasize consumer happiness, since it’ll also be the duty of these dealers to handle guarantees. Thus, if you’re a dealership known for prohibitive costs and customer grievances, don’t expect a call from Fisker.

“The EV market has seen a remarkable shift in 2023, and Fisker is adapting its approach to meet the growing demand for its Fisker Ocean vehicle,” said Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker. “We are making changes to our business model to enable us to add up to 50 dealer partners in the US and Canada and a similar number of locations in Europe. This asset-light strategy will help us to quickly expand our sales and delivery network.”

Demand for the Fisker Ocean has been far greater than anticipated, and even higher figures in sales are anticipated in the new year. Delivery of the basic model has commenced and is likely to experience a steep upsurge. Most attention, however, will be directed towards the Pear, as it is estimated to be available for purchase at only $22,000 when it is released sometime during 2025.

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