Model 2024 Fisker Ocean Prices Increase

Electric Costs Rising Quickly

Deliveries are now underway, and Fisker has already commenced raising their prices for the electric Ocean SUV. Commencing November 6th of 2023, pre-orders will be available for the 2024 Fisker Ocean model. The base Sport variant will climb in price to $38,999 from its original $37,499, a somewhat steep $1,500 surge that reflects the increased costs of EVs this year. Meanwhile, the Ocean Ultra moves up from $49,999 to $52,999. To secure today’s prices, you must place your order before the 5th of November.

“It is essential that Fisker responds to the competitive realities of the rapidly expanding EV market,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker stated, highlighting the rationale behind the price increases. “We want our customers to have greater access to the Ocean and be able to experience its unique blend of innovative features, striking design, sustainable materials, and top-notch range.”

“We remain highly confident in the ongoing demand for the Ocean, and believe that the Sport and Ultra editions will be the most popular models beginning in 2024,” Fisker stated. “We anticipate that our overall margins will stay the same because of increased pricing for the Sport and Ultra models, in addition to our cost-saving efforts and lower input costs, which should help us reach our desired profit goals.”

Fisker has amplified output capability at the Magna-Steyr synthesis in Graz, Austria; however, each day they will only be able to assemble a limited amount of units. In the last four weeks, just 450 Oceans have gone to America with more than 1,500 being shipped to US ports due to shipping. Consequently, not many people had an opportunity to buy it for the starting price.

Shoppers searching for the most economical Ocean may have to spend a bit more in 2024, yet the Ocean Extreme is now even less costly by $7,500. Immediately, this model is now listed at $61,499 from its previous pricing of $68,999. People who have placed orders or bought this version should obtain the discounted price, even if their automobile has already been manufactured. The battery package equipped in it displays an outstanding range of 360 miles and has 113 kWh of capacity.

The Ocean Ultra provides a whopping 350 miles of range, and while the Ocean Sport has lower mileage from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) at 232 miles, it comes with a more affordable price. To guarantee a higher range and performance capacity, the Extreme and Ultra editions make use of Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC).

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