Pay to See the AMG GT Launch

Viewing Supercar Before Pub. Debut: Cost of Admission

For a considerable period of time, it has been known that Mercedes-Benz were devoting resources to the production of a fresh AMG GT superior performance vehicle. But up until now, we had been unaware of Affalterbach’s decision to monetize the presentation of the vehicle for 2024.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Live Sneak Peek will serve as an exclusive journey for AMG Private Lounge members. This Customer Experience event will occur in Germany and thus drivers must have a valid license and be 21 years or older. The event days are July 10th to 13th, except the 12th, and will only welcome a maximum of 24 people. Attendees will have the choice of attending bi-lingually (in German and English) to ensure everyone has the chance to partake in all activities hosted.

Upon their arrival, guests will be greeted with breakfast in the AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach. Immediately following the meal, there will be an informative safety briefing. Afterward, a preview of the AMG GT and factory tour experience are available. Professional trainers will be taking people on a guided excursion in a few different autos including the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 electric vehicle, the recently unveiled hybrid Mercedes-AMG SL63, and the remarkable AMG C63 S E Performance that can generate up to 671 horsepower, comparable to the M3. Plus, once the tour is over, guests have the chance to enjoy another round of topnotch catering as the farewell in the AMG Private Lounge.

Expert photographers will be present the entire day to capture the photos of attendees. These images will then be made available to the VIP Members after the event, thus avoiding any unapproved distribution.

Are you a part of the AMG Private Lounge and interested in soaring to Germany upcoming month? The journey will cost €450, or about $493 as of right now. If you would like to gain an exceptional opportunity and go sightseeing for a hot new supercar with other auto devotees while being guided byAMG’s advisors, it appears to be an amazing journey.

Concerning the forthcoming AMG GT, we believe that the highest-spec edition will supply no less than 831 horsepower, due to the V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo plug-in hybrid system from the AMG GT four-door. Variants with more accessible power outputs are likely to be unveiled too. Rumor has it that further details should leak out of Affalterbach in the upcoming weeks.

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