Polestar Synergy Supercar: Ready to Go Into Production?

Polestar Encouraged to Produce Model by Positive Feedback

Polestar astounded crowds at the IAA Mobility Munich Motor Show in September last year, unveiling a captivating vehicle concept named Synergy. Initially intended as a solo project, it appears that (according to Autocar) there is a possibility of the Swedish automaker producing the design in limited quantities.

Maximilian Missoni, Design Boss at Polestar, has described the reaction to the concept as “appealing and positive”, prompting the team to reconsider. He said: “I’m not saying we’d do this, but we’d like to do this.”

However, Missoni conceded that in order to produce the Synergy, a monocoque chassis would be necessary instead of the new aluminum architecture created for the Polestar 5 and Polestar 6 by the brand’s engineering team based in the UK at the Horiba MIRA facility. Consequently, the designer stated that the brand has to “pull” to be able to create a supercar.

In a challenge that featured 600 entrants, the Polestar Synergy electric concept was created. After reviewing the participants in detail, just two exterior concepts and interior design were chosen for implementation. This project required a total of six months for completion with collaboration from Polestar and the three winners.

The result of this project is a design inspired by the hammerhead shark, boasting “emotional durability”. At 179.5 inches in length and 42.1 inches in height, the team created a supercar with a futuristic look, reminiscent of the McLaren Solus GT.

The interior of the vehicle is designed to provide “floating comfort and control.” The cabin has a single-seater with a racing harness, a yoke-style steering wheel, and a digital display that appears to be floating in the air. This combination of features ensures that the driver will have a pleasant and safe ride.

A low-volume manufacture would make the Polestar Synergy supercar all the more desired, akin to exclusive models such as the BMW Z4 Shooting Brake and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.

Presently, Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys, in collaboration with Mattel, are exhibiting a prototype model. This miniaturized version of the concept has also been part of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, touring distinctive cities in America, among them El Segundo in California.

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