Porsche 356 SC: Subtle Art Car With Hand-Painted Exterior

A Colorful Symbol of Purity

Hearing about an art car commonly involves encountering a creation filled with contours and hues. This occasion however, the visuals are more subtle, showing that sometimes less is more.

In actuality, the particular goal for this unique 1964 Porsche 356 SC project was to be lightweight. Crafted jointly by Alfredo Haberli and Porsche Center Zurich, this iconic sports car is distinguished by its sleek curves which have been accentuated by mostly pale hues of three disparate colors protecting around 80% of it exterior. The original white paint still lies beneath, with no definite terminology being supplied for the shades; though they seem to comprise of slate gray, azure, and nearly a faint ochre hue.

It might be hard to notice from afar, yet when you get up close the block designs on the car’s body become apparent. Furthermore, brushing marks, all going in a single direction, are visible since this car was manually painted. Above is a photographic collection describing the route from the initial design up to completion; Haberli took help along the way by Dominic Pluer. Altogether, approximately one kilogram of paint were used, and although it was mainly put onto the exterior, inside the glove box door one finds Haberli’s name with yellow and gray sections below.

“The choice of neutral colors was deliberate, in order to emphasize the iconic Porsche’s design language,” Haberli remarked. “The brushstrokes create a unique contrast between color and structure, highlighting the 356’s lines in a timeless, classical, and poetic way, unlike a traditional automotive paint job – it’s almost like a sculpture.”

Consequently, this attractive Porsche artwork vehicle is dubbed Das Gewicht der Leichtigkeit, which fundamentally means The Heaviness of Effortlessness. This masterpiece was exposed to the world at a devoted gathering in Schlieren close to Zurich on April 1st of the current year. Through the entire span of 2023, it will be shown and presented in distinct symposiums across Switzerland, following which the model will be put up for auction, with all proceeds going towards Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz, a benevolent foundation dedicated to helping children hospitalized due to cancer.

“We are thrilled to showcase this remarkable vehicle,” declared Sascha Leardi, managing director of Porsche Center Zurich. “Alfredo Haberli’s art offers a plethora of new perspectives on design, performance, tradition, art and, of course, Porsche. It captures lightness and excellence in its purest form.”

Source: Porsche

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