Porsche 911 GTS Facelift: Virtually Uncamouflaged

Ready for Production Line: Here We Go!

Porsche is in the process of revamping their 911 series, with rumors abounding over what thrilling alterations might be made to certain models. This example here appears to be the GTS model – recognized by its rear spoiler and no center locking wheels or side intakes in the back. Even better, it sports minimal camouflage so we can get a good glimpse of the expected cosmetic updates caused by the makeover.

This is not the first time we’ve come across obviously camouflaged prototypes of the 911, however all that is visible here is some black tape on the headlights. Surprisingly, the lighting components themselves won’t suffer vast changes, but according to past spy shots, it’s quite evident the inside arrangement will be modified in order to include some new amber blinkers. The most distinct-looking alteration at the front will be the shift from horizontal to vertical slats in the grille and a modestly reshaped bumper. Additionally, the middle area of the grille appears to be broader than previously seen.

The back portion of the vehicle is noticeably free from camouflage. We’ve all seen this type of setup from past Mid-East espionage images, featuring two side-by-side exhaust pipes and a newly modified lower bumper cover. Spy shots of the 911 GTS have arisen outfitted with both a set wing as displayed by our prototype and an adjustable spoiler. It’s unsure as of yet what the final illustration will be, though it looks like Porsche is exploring possible aerodynamic features.

In distinction to the GTS prototype reported nearly four weeks ago (links listed at the bottom), this test vehicle does not have a yellow sticker at the back. Thus, it is safe to assume that the wide-ranging revisions of the 911 GTS 992.2 won’t incorporate any kind of electrification, as attached in Fair Moser’s, Vice President of Model Lines 911 and 718 at Porsche, most recent chat. In the near future, the 911 line will gain some kind of electric support; however, its debut shall almost certainly take place on higher-end variants, most likely during the middle of the decade.

Speculation remains high, but it is thought Porsche will release the remodeled 911 in standard composition before the year’s end. Subsequently, the GTS model could be exposed to the public, tentatively, in the midsection of 2024. And as for the 911 line’s inaugural electrically-driven edition, that isn’t likely to materialize until sometime in 2025.

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