Porsche 911 Pummels Sand, Steals Hearts

Two Rare Sports Cars: Owned by a Driver Who Loves to Rev.
FIRST DRIVE: Singer And Tuthill's ULTIMATE Off-Road 911!

In 2021 the world was impressed by Singer Vehicle Design’s All-Terrain Challenge Base (ACB). A pair of vehicles were constructed for an ardent fan – one for off-roading excitement the other created for high-speed performance on the pavement. These two interpretations of the classic 964 Porsche were exceptionally daring; however, the Porsche executives did not approve of the design branding. Consequently, Singer had to take it off their website and it seemed to vanish from our memories. Nonetheless, this recent Top Gear-video appears to present that these cars continue to exist.

The proprietor of these two automobiles permitted access for an assessment voyage of the rough terrain variation, and by examination drive, we imply a thorough joyride across the desert.

No exact money value is stated for this vehicle yet the word “millions” is used regularly. Despite its price, the owner has a great time operating it wildly very often. Fortunately, we are now able to experience it through YouTube.

The ACS still features an air-cooled setup, fitted with a 3.6-liter dual-turbocharged flat-six engine estimated to generate somewhere between 450-600 ponies of power. Power is distributed by way of a five-speed sequential drivetrain, and transmitted to all the four wheels that are connected to a double-damped suspension structure. It provides 11.8 inches of journey for bump absorption, which we observe well demonstrated in this marvelous, ebullient 11-moment video exhibiting clouds of dust, spectacular jumps, and overall rally magnificence.

The carbon fiber chassis has been fitted with a lifting rear clamshell, which reveals the engine hidden beneath. There’s also an extra tire that is stowed in the back (the principal spare is put in the front for fast access) and naturally there is a comprehensive roll cage located within the car. It hasn’t been created to participate in any particular race series, nor is it a promotional tool for somebody’s networks. Simply put, this off-road 911 has been constructed to create mischief and cause havoc.

It’s fantastic to witness an automobile that was designed for a singular purpose actually being employed as it’s supposed to be. We would relish a subsequent video of the ACS on the racetrack at some point in the near future.

Source: Top Gear

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