Porsche 911 SSR GT: 900 HP Track/Road Beast.

Ultimate Porsche 911: Faster Than a Bugatti Veyron

SSR Performance in Munich, Germany, is a distinct and diverse automobile enterprise. Everything from motorsport competitions, improvements, supercar dealing and storage – they have it all under a single roof. YouTube auto content maker Shmee150 rolled up to the place to witness some extraordinary hidden things in his most recent video.

The company houses a unique Porsche 992 Turbo S-based model and undeniably breathtaking aesthetics. They have taken basic notions and implemented them with the most famous sports car, crafting it into an excellent combination of a heavenly hypercar and an opulent grand tourer.

That is the plan, and Shmee has people working at the core to figure out the SSR GT. He’s trying to find out its purpose and logically make sense of it all.

THE BEST DAILY SUPERCAR!? New SSR GT 900hp+ 911 Turbo S First Drive

We should envision the SSR GT as a road-worthy race car or ultra-performance grand tourer. During Shmee’s visit, Timo escorts him to the complex that could be described as Tony Stark’s abode #2. The area is lined with cars made of carbon fiber and decorated with a Porsche rear-wing coffee table. To add to its ambiance, an exact copy of the majestic Nürburgring circuit, complete with model foliage, is curated on one of its walls. Everywhere one looks there are supercars resting: some for sale, others undergoing repair work of some kind.

A luxurious new SSR GT sits prominently in the showroom, yet the group of specialists enters the workshop to observe the beginning pink and aquamarine trial car.

This is the vaunted SSR GT, and Timo requests that we envision it as a dependable daily commuter which astonishingly can motor to 186 mph in only 17 seconds, reach a maximum speed of 236mph, and securely make 860hp plus 700 lb-ft of torque.

The Porsche 992 Turbo S-variant is more rapid off the starting line than its Bugatti Veyron counterpart, yet can still give a tranquil ride through the streets of Monaco. It can seamlessly handle the Autobahn and also perform with agility on an intense racetrack.

Having logged up a stupefying 20,000 miles with a combination of road running and rigorous trials carried out on racetracks and proving grounds alike, the SSR GT test car was the genesis for the eventual production model and its corresponding racing cars. The primary emphasis here lies in aerodynamics – a lot of components have been adapted and carbon fiber pieces employed to maximize ventilation. In particular, a larger front air dam, ducts in the posterior quarter panels, along with an adjustable rear wing confirm up to triple the downforce of a Porsche 992 Turbo – about 1000 lbs at top velocity.

Beneath the showy exterior lies a fully-insulated floor pan, stretching from the customisable diffuser to the front splitter; with it all fashioned as one solid material. Though fascinating, is this impractical and costly niche vehicle too extreme for regular use? SSR Performance designed the SSR GT to accommodate regular daily driving, where the consumer desires it: offering speedy low-downforce handling or strong downforce and racing performance. Plus, the SSR GT even comes packed with parking sensors and cameras – unlike the Porsche GT3.

What is the cost of Shmee’s pleasurable adventure? No numbers are given, yet he was able to cruise smoothly at a speed of 173 mph in a brief period on the highway.

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