Porsche Axes Panamera Wagon Sales

Porsche Sport Turismo Demand Low

Raise your hand if you anticipated this. We’ve unveiled enough spy shots featuring 2024 Panamera prototypes prelude to today’s reveal; nevertheless, each had demonstrated the ordinary sedan. Admittedly, it’s technically a hatchback, but that’s not relevant. As it turns out, our anxieties were justified since Porsche has officially abandoned the station wagon. With respect to the third iteration of its executive automobile, alas the Sport Turismo isn’t making a resurgence.

A Porsche spokesperson revealed in an interview with Automotive News Europe that the Sport Turismo model would be discontinued upon the launch of the new generation: “In China and the U.S. – our main markets in the D segment – the Sport Turismo plays only a minor role. For this reason, we have decided to discontinue this model variant with the launch of the new generation.”

The exact extent of inadequate requirement is unclear to discern from sales data showcasing the joint dispatches of the Panamera in all models. Nevertheless, Autocar has dependable intelligence asserting that the acceptance rate was lower than 10%. Thusly, it’s easy to understand why Porsche did not endeavor to manufacture a subsequent version for the four-door vehicle.

Venturing forward, just a hatchback model of the Panamera will be accessible, alongside a long-wheelbase Executive form boasting a more pleasingly appointed back cabin letting for better legroom. As this will be its closing generation to feature traditional combustion motors, no totally electric option has been set, as it would conflict with the Taycan’s existence. Nevertheless, four plug-in hybrid versions have been concocted for the novel model.

Speaking concerning the Taycan, those seeking a Porsche wagon will have to turn their attention to an electric vehicle. Not merely is it sold as a Sport Turismo, yet additionally a significantly more rough Cross Turismo. In case that individuals prefer internal combustion engines without going away from the Volkswagen Group, the Audi RS6 Avant has a strong chance of satisfying such a requirement. Moreover, a brand new AMG E63 Estate is expected soon, and also the BMW M5 Touring is making a comeback.

Sources: Automotive News Europe, Autocar

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