Porsche Creates Macan EV-Inspired Boat.

Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air: Electric Boat

This year, Porsche marks its 75th anniversary in the production of sports cars. However, the Stuttgart-based automaker is not limiting itself to constructing fuel-thirsty street vehicles. Working in conjunction with Austrian yacht-makers, Frauscher Shipyard, they are devising a green electric vessel inspired by the forthcoming Macan Electric Vehicle.

Drawing upon the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air’s legacy, the Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air utilizes novelties from Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform. This technology will be applied to select Porsche and Audi electrified vehicles, such as the Macan EV and the Audi A6 e-tron.

Porsche’s tech package for electric vessels consists of a lithium-ion high-voltage battery providing a capacity around 100 kWh, a cutting-edge permanently synchronous electric motor (PSM), and associated power electronics.

Porsche’s ground-breaking 800-volt architecture will permit the ship to refuel at fast-charging DC locations. Additionally, charging via AC is also viable.

The power output from the Porsche Macan EV is highly anticipated, with its capacity to generate 603 horsepower. Providing over 738 lb-ft of torque in its maximum setting, you will benefit from an 800-volt voltage that could charge the all-electric luxury crossover from 5 to 80% within a mere quarter of an hour.

Studio F.A. Porsche are encompassing the design of an electric vessel, looked at through the creation of a steering wheel and an operational centre complete with throttle and screens. The concept sketch of the boat provides us with a sneak peak of what could be the Macan EV. This could be considered a taster, even though we have already glimpsed the electric crossover prior.

Passengers will be welcomed aboard a vessel with a seating setup of nine, two biminis, an electrical winch for anchoring, a superb audio system, and a fridge.

“At Porsche, we strive to provide state-of-the-art, high-performance, and sustainable luxury – and we are redefining this concept. Our mission is to inspire our customers and make their wishes reality. The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air, like our sports cars, offers unparalleled performance and luxurious experiences,” said Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT at Porsche AG.

The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air and the Porsche Macan EV are scheduled to be released in 2024. A limited run of just twenty-five premier editions of the electric Porsche boat are set to be manufactured as part of the initial project.

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