Priced Equally: Macan Turbo EV vs. Cayman GT4 RS

Create your dream electric SUV with Porsche’s $50k+ customization options in their new configurator.

Porsche’s newest addition to their lineup, the all-electric Macan, has finally arrived. This SUV comes in two different editions, which we will cover in our article on the launch of the 2024 Macan. The starting prices for these models are $80,450 for the Macan 4 and $106,950 for the Turbo. With a configurator already available on Porsche’s website, we took a look at the various optional extras and how they can elevate the driving experience.

Select the appropriate options and you could potentially increase the cost of a Macan Turbo by as much as $56,340. That brings the grand total for this SUV just above the starting price of a Cayman GT4 RS at $160,700. Such is the premium for personalization in the realm of Porsche. For example, adding colored seat belts will set you back $660, while having the iconic Porsche crests embroidered onto the headrests costs an additional $600. And if you want a rear wiper, that’s another $370 – though it appears this option cannot be combined with the $920 thermal and noise-insulated glass. However, the configurator does warn that some features may not be fully functional yet, so your customization experience may vary.

The base price of the Macan Turbo Electric includes a variety of eye-catching color options. Among these choices is Copper Ruby Metallic, one of three shades available for an additional fee of $2,490. There are also many cost-effective wheel options to choose from; however, we ultimately decided on the $7,410 Aeriblades in Carbon Fiber, which is the priciest individual add-on for the electric Macan.

Numerous unique hues are on offer for the interior of the Macan EV, along with various options for individuals looking to add their own personal touch. Optional enhancements include customized floor mats, premium leather cases for the owner’s manual, and the renowned Sport Chrono package. The Macan EV boasts several offerings to select from, and we opted for the $2,090 version featuring a subsecond clock.

Unexpectedly, there is a limited selection of technology available for purchase. One great option is the augmented reality head-up display at a cost of $2,520. If you don’t suffer from screen fatigue, the passenger display priced at $1,470 might also catch your interest. It’s highly likely that many individuals will opt for the Burmeister sound system, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $4,700. And if you’re already investing this much, you might as well indulge in the full delivery experience. Selecting to receive the vehicle in either Atlanta or Los Angeles will add an additional $1,000 to the total cost.

Looking to create your own Macan EV? Dive into the configurator, enjoy the process, and afterwards, share your personalized design with us in the comments section.

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