Porsche Kills Best-Seller Over Silly Reason

The Real Cause of Porsche Woes: Not Emissions

Porsche has no option but to retire their top-selling Macan in Europe prematurely due to an inability to match the loftier cyber safety standards expected by July 1, 2024. This isn’t a consequence of their dependency on a combustion engine; nonetheless, it still demands to be complied with.

Porsche’s dated model, the Macan, has been available since 2014 and experienced refreshes and new editions in 2016, 2019, and 2021. But it is ultimately an old automobile that was created before the European Union instituted its laws and regulations on cyber security. Thus, due to the significant cost of updating it, the company is ceasing production of this model for Europe beginning next spring. A spokesperson for Porsche has verified this to Automotive News Europe, but noted that the combustion Macan will continue to be manufactured at their Leipzig facility for shipment to different countries, including the United States.

For the present, the Macan is secure in the US. Although not for much longer: Porsche will reveal the new EV Macan in 2024 – an all-electric crossover that looks destined to displace the existing ICE car. Nevertheless, reports from earlier this year suggested that the ICE Macan may carry on existing alongside its electric counterpart until 2026 or even beyond.

A captivating marketing drive has been functioning full force, and just recently, we experienced our primary view of the new Macan EV’s interior outfitted with Turbo trimming.

The Macan has been a massive success for Porsche. In 2022, the company distributed 40,4410 Macans to customers around the world, coming second only to the Cayenne. This year, though, the Macan has proven to be Porsche’s most successful version in Europe, managing to move 19,799 units up until the end of October.

The Macan EV had been expected to land already, however, software delays – ultimately resulting in Herbert Diess’ removal from the Volkswagen Group’s leadership role – caused a setback with regards to the creation of this and other VW Group products.

The Premium Platform Electric (PPE) framework, base of the Macan EV and prospective electric Audi goods, comprising a probable R8 substitute, is newly developed from the start and comprehensively incorporated with advanced technology, incorporating related services, an 800-volt electrical layout, and self-governing functions. Additionally, the Macan EV will be the strongest Macan forever, featuring over 600 horses available. Besides, PPE will meet entirely the new cybersecurity laws.

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